The magazine of the Association “People and Work” is a prestigious journal that includes viewpoints and recommendations of Cypriot, Greek and foreign authors on current HR issues in Cyprus and abroad.

The magazine is issued twice a year in electronic version and is accessed by HRM Professionals, Managerial Executive, Academics and Researchers in Cyprus and abroad as well as leading figures that determine the future of enterprises in Cyprus. 

Publication Policy

CyHRMA welcomes submission of articles by the Members and Friends of the Association for publication on its website or journals. Articles should:
-Be relevant to the field of HRM, it’s broad spectrum and/or other related fields
-Be written in the Greek or English language
-Present innovative ideas in the area of HR or describe practical applications which provide new information or insights to the reader, avoiding theoretical positioning
-Articles which directly promote specific firms, organizations, systems or products cannot be published
-Be between 700-1500 words

Articles are subject to editing by the Publications Committee of the CyHRMA.

The content of the articles does not reflect the opinion of the CyHRMA. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in the articles lies entirely with the author(s).

Articles must be accompanied by a brief biographical note of the Author(s) (up to 100 words) in the Greek or English language and a photo.

CyHRMA does not charge a publication fee.

For more information or to submit an article for publication, please contact us (22 318081, info@cyhrma.org ).

Advertisement in People and Work

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B. Half Pages €120+VAT
C. ¼ Pages €90+VAT
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