The Reasons To Become A Cyhrma Member

Membership of the CyHRMA carries a lot of benefits, including:

  • Updates on current Human Resource Management trends and issues.
  • A rich network of Human Resource Management professionals.
  • Opportunities to develop professional knowledge through events, training programs, conferences and gatherings.
  • Reduced fees for participation in seminars, conferences, and other events
  • Access to “Costas Papakyriacou” Library
  • Access to free professional publications and resources on Human Resource Management issues (e.g. People & Work magazine, worldwide publications, surveys and articles).
  • Participation in the Committees and Working Groups of the Association which contribute to the overall work of the CyHRMA
  • Fellow Members, Full Members, Associate Members and Corporate Members through their representative (s) can vote for a new Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Fellow Members, Full Members and Associate Members are entitled to write after their names the relevant designations i.e.FCyHRMA, MCyHRMA, ACyHRMA.

The Reasons To Become A Cyhrma Corporate Member

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, the Corporate Membership allows any organization to enjoy also the following:

  • Free listing in a special page in the journal “People and Work”.
  • Free listing in a special page on the website.
  • Use the Logo of the Association on the Organization’s letterhead and include a mention that the Organization is a Corporate Member of the Association (free after approval).
  • Discounts on email distributions to the members of the Association.
  • Discounts on advertisements in “People and Work”.