CyHRMA Annual Conference | 29 June 2022
Nicosia, Shakolas Educational Centre for Clinical Medicine

Be part of the largest and best HR Event in Cyprus!

The Cyprus Human Resource Management Association (CyHRMA) organized yet another successful Annual Conference; this year in collaboration with CRANET and the MSc HRM of the University of Cyprus! The 2022 Conference, both with physical presence and online, took place on the 29th of June 2022, at the Shiakolio Educational Centre, in Nicosia with over 200 delegates; professionals and academics from the HR sector. 

Starting with welcoming speeches delivered by the President of the Board, Mrs. Elena Stavrinou, Mr. Alexandros Alexandrou, representing the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance, and Mr. Michalis Antoniou, the General Director of the Employers and Industrialists’ Federation (OEB); all expressed their thoughts of the present challenges and trends of the industry, the significance of this event and acknowledged the Association’s work in general.

The Conference showcased the most up-dated, innovative and thought-provoking HR trends as well as the present challenges the sector is facing, after the pandemic of Covid -19 and the war in Ukraine. An elite group of global speakers shared their insights, experiences and ideas with the participants on the future role the HR function has to play and the forthcoming business trends.

The five (5) subject matter experts who delivered keynote presentations were:

Michael Morley, Professor of Management, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, who presented some of the contours of the emerging organizational forms and evidence on generational preferences around work and the work-life interface, along with some of their consequences for contemporary human resource management. The Professor suggested some new models of organization and employment practices that rise from the far-reaching opportunities made possible with digitalization, and changes in the nature of where, when and how people work.

Nancy Papalexandris, HRM Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business, talked about one of the major Megatrends of today, that of sustainability which encompasses environmental, social and economic aspects. The Professor stressed that keeping Diversity and Inclusion in the centre of the company’s policies and practices as well as the way HRM treats people, are both highly beneficial for every aspect of ‘Sustainability’. “Through the Diversity and Inclusion initiatives HRM can play a vital role in improving sustainability which is at present becoming a strategic challenge both for smaller and larger companies”.

Rana Ghandour Salhab, ME People & Purpose Partner and Member of North South Europe P&P Executive, Deloitte, showcased the survey results about the Gen Zs in the workforce across the world. The results showed that the Gen Zs are stressed or anxious all or most of the time, and it is evident that women are more severely affected than men (53% vs 39%). As importantly, only half of Gen Zs and four in ten millennials believe employers are really focused on the mental health of their employees. Mrs Salhab presented recent best practices that can help the companies foster an inclusive culture to gain a competitive edge, not only in their Future of Work era, but also in the “War for Talent” and the “Great Resignation” trend. 

Myroulla Mallouppa, Founder of LMM (Life Makeover Method)/Anxiety & Mindset Business Coach/Mentor, explained what stress is, where it comes from, and shared impactful ways for coping with it. She also talked about how the brain works and showed ways to train the brain to minimize  stress, tackle a bad situation and move on.

Lucy Adams, CEO, Disruptive HR, UK, talked about how HR can respond to the challenges of a disrupted world and build on the progress made during the pandemic. Her enlightening presentation comprised of some fresh insights and practical tools to lead HR differently. Mrs Adams stated that the leaders must know well their people; how they feel, how they learn, which their fears are and how they can feel appreciated at work. The frequent undocumented meetings with the personnel can increase their productivity and create positive organizational environment. “Attraction works better than Fear”.

The expert speakers charmed the audience with the fascinating topics shared and unique presenting angles.

The event included an interesting discussion amongst a panel of local professionals who talked about their organisations’ experiences and recruitment challenges in the current labour market. The Panelists were: Philokypros Roussounides, General Director of the Cyprus Hotel Association, Monica Potsou, Regional HR Manager of P&O Maritime Logistics Cyprus, Ross Pitman, Senior Business Manager of GRS, Recruitment and Christos Makedonas, Digital Risk Partner at Grant Thornton and Co-founder and Director of Enactia. 

It was admittedly an extremely valuable day which successfully brought some of the best minds under one platform providing the opportunity for debate, discussion and dissection of evolving trends, key issues and challenges.

The event provided a platform for challenging current established practices and thinking, as well as gave the opportunity to participants to gain insights, inspiration and tools to face HR challenges and issues  and implement best practices in the complex, and ever-changing business environment.

We sincerely thank the University of Cyprus and all Sponsors of the 2022 Conference, as their contribution aided the  organization of an unforgettable Conference. The Gold Sponsor of the event was Deloitte, GRS Recruitment a Silver Sponsor and Alpha Mega Supermarkets, Ygia Polyclinic, Kinanis Law Firm, Hermes Airports Odyssey, Evalion, Human Asset and Hellenic Bank supported us as Bronze Sponsors. Our Media Sponsor was Alpha Cyprus Mbloo a supporter. The Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance and the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) were the institutional supporters.

Speakers & Sessions

Speech: How can HR find a better normal
by Lucy Adams

Lucy will talk about how HR can respond to the challenges of a disrupted world and build on the progress made during the pandemic.

  • How to add value in new, more impactful ways
  • How to change our approach to HR design and delivery
  • How to build new capabilities and change mindsets

She provides anecdotes and stories from her own HR career, with fresh insights and practical tools to lead HR differently.

Speaker’s Biography

Lucy Adams is the CEO of Disruptive HR, an agency that works with leaders and HR to help change people practices to make them relevant for a disrupted world. Prior to Disruptive HR, Lucy was the HR Director for organisations such as the BBC and Serco Group plc. She is the author of two best-selling books: HR Disrupted and The HR Change Toolkit.

Speech: Diversity and Inclusion : the link with sustainability and the expanding role of the HR Agenda
by Nancy Papalexandris

Ongoing globalization, demographic changes, migration and technological evolution has lead to an increasing  diversity in the workplace. Diversity is defined as differences between people which can include dimensions of gender, ethnicity, race, religion, physical abilities,age  and sexual orientation.

 Diversity management is becoming one of the important tasks of HRM and it  involves policies for the acceptance, recognition and utilization of human talent which can be found among people with diverse characteristics.

Diversity goes hand in hand with inclusion which refers to creating a work environment where all people are valued, given the opportunity to contribute and feel accepted.

One of the major Megatrends today is Sustainability which encompasses environmental, social and economic  aspects. Companies strive to demonstrate their accomplishments in these fields. Keeping Diversity and Inclusion in the center of your company’s  policies and practices  has been shown as highly beneficial for every aspect of Sustainability as the way you treat your people and their response to environmental, social and economic issues is a major indicator.

 Through its Diversity and Inclusion initiatives HRM can play a vital role in improving sustainability which is at present  becoming a strategic challenge both for smaller and larger companies .

Speaker’s Biography

Nancy Papalexandris:

PAPALEXANDRIS Nancy is Professor Emeritus of Human Resource Management and Academic Advisor of the MSc Programme in Human Resource Management of the Athens University of Economics and Business. For the period 2001-2007 she has served as Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Personnel of her University and as representative of the Greek Rectors Conference at the European University Association for the period 2004-2007.
She has studied Business Administration and obtained her M.A. from New York University and her Ph.D. from the University of Bath in the U.K. She teaches Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, Diversity and Inclusion, Business Ethics, Corpotate Social Responsibility and Cross-cultural Management in Greece and in the University of Cyprus. She has also taught in various E.U. Universities and in post-training and management development seminars in Greece and abroad.
She has published several books, articles in various international journals and has organised a number of international conferences. She is secretary general and former president of the Association of Greek University Women and president of the Association of Professor Emeriti of her University.


Speech: Revisiting Organization and Employment Models for the Millennial Workforce
by Michael Morley

New approaches to organizing, in particular a rising projectification and a widespread increase in temporary organizations, coupled with far-reaching opportunities made possible with digitalization, are changing the nature of where, when and how we work. These developments, in combination, are provoking questions about our traditional dominant logic of organizing and managing.  Accompanying these structural changes is an on-going discourse about workforce generational differences vested in perceived value, attitudinal and behavioral shifts. As the millennial workforce grows, so too does interest in, and demand for, new models of organization and employment. This presentation will explore some of the contours of these emerging organizational forms and the evidence on generational preferences around work and the work-life interface, along with some of their consequences for contemporary human resource management.

Speaker’s Biography

Professor Michael Morley holds the Chair in Management at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, Ireland. His research interests encompass international, comparative, and cross-cultural HRM, along with the evolving nature of the employment relationship and new forms of organizing, aspects of which he investigates at different levels and in a range of different contexts. He has published several books with, among others, Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, and Routledge. His journal articles have appeared in leading outlets in international business, management, organizational psychology and human resource management. He is the Editor-in-Chief of European Management Review, the journal of the European Academy of Management, and serves on the Editorial Boards of several other journals. He was elected as the 2007-2010 Chair of the Irish Academy of Management and the 2012-2014 President of the International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management. He is a Fellow of the Irish Academy

Speech: The Future of Work: Is well-being a retention strategy?
by Rana Ghandour Salhab

Integration of well-being is becoming a key attraction and retention differentiator into the design of work at the individual, team, and organizational levels to build a sustainable future where workers can feel and perform at their best. Placing wellbeing at the top of the talent agenda will boost employer brand positioning, attract top notch talent, and retain employees.

In this session, we will examine why 46% of Gen Zs in the workforce across the world say they are stressed or anxious all or most of the time, and why women are more severely affected than men (53% vs 39%). As importantly, we will discuss why only half of Gen Zs and four in ten millennials believe employers are really focused on mental health. We will also note recent best practices that are helping companies foster an inclusive culture to gain a competitive edge, not only in their Future of Work ambition, but also in the “War for Talent” and “Great Resignation” era.


With a career spanning over three decades, Rana Ghandour Salhab is a Senior Partner, member of the Executive Committee in the Middle East, and member of the North South Europe P&P Executive at Deloitte. She leads the People and Purpose strategy across 16 countries and oversees the purpose, talent, diversity & inclusion, brand, and communications strategies and teams across the region. She leads societal and entrepreneurial initiatives that support youth skill-building, social enterprises, and education for marginalized communities. Rana has lived and worked in 3 continents and assumed regional and global leadership roles in multinational firms. Before joining Deloitte, she was HR Director in the EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India & Africa) regional management team at Andersen based in Switzerland, and prior to that was Andersen’s HR Director of the Growing Economies region. Rana is an advocate of economic empowerment, political participation, and advancement of women to leadership roles.  Among recognitions received, Rana was ranked in the top 5 “Global Champions of Women in Business” in both 2017 and 2018, by the UK’s Financial Times (FT) and HERoes. In 2022, she was selected as a global influential leader by AACSB International

Revive Session: Getting to know your brain: Dealing with Stress
by Myroulla Mallouppa

We will be talking about what stress is, where does it come from, and impactful ways for coping with it. We will also talk about how the brain works and the ways you can train your brain to minimize the stress, tackle a bad situation and move on.


For the last 15 years Myroulla has been working as a Coach / Mentor operating her own business with clients from around the world, including Asia, USA & Europe. This has enabled her to embrace diversity and inclusion and has given her insight into communicating effectively, with people from different cultures .

She helps individuals and companies to:

  • Recognise and understand their emotions and the emotions of people around them – the key to effective communication
  • Control their behaviour and positively influence the behaviour of others – the key to leadership
  • Build and thrive both in their personal and professional relationships – the key to happiness
  • Have an impact on everything they do at work, at home, at play – the key to a fulfilling life
  • Adopt and master a growth mindset that they need, to scale-up their business and their lives – the key to success & productivity

Myroulla is the Founder of LMM (Life Makeover Method), a solution-based method that has quickly gained recognition for its fast and long-lasting results. The LMM method works through the science of neuroplasticity, combining the most effective principles and methods for dealing with emotions. With LMM you can free yourself from anxiety and  panic attacks in just a few weeks…not years of therapy.

Her professional qualifications include:
Accredited Anxiety-Mindset Coach & Mentor (EIA)
Advanced Certification in Corporate Coaching (ACCC)
Licensed Master Practitioner & Coach of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
Certified Advanced Practitioner Emotion Coaching (Eutaptics-Faster EFT) & Hypnosis
HDRA Certified Trainer


Panel Discussion: Skills shortages and Recruitment challenges
Coordinator: Mr Ross Pitman


Ross Pitman began his recruitment career back in 2003 in the UK managing a large city centre contract employment desk, before joining GRS, Cyprus’ largest Recruitment Consultancy in 2016. Ross serves as a pivotal member of the Senior Management Team having joined as an Executive Recruitment Consultant and going on to be promoted to Senior Business Manager in record time. With a wide portfolio of clients across a diverse industry spectrum, Ross has supported his clients in identifying, interviewing and placing highly skilled professionals from entry to senior management level. Ross continues to act as a mentor and coach to the whole team offering his wealth of understanding and market knowledge to the next generation of GRS consultants. Ross solidifies GRS’ presence as the market leading recruitment, HR and payroll consultancy group, with his passion for client relationship management, business development and participation in industry events. Since 2005 GRS have placed thousands of candidates to advance their careers and meet our client’s strategic objectives. Our high quality service is consistently committed to excellence where confidentiality, for both client and candidate, are at the forefront of our priorities. In this highly competitive market where finding and retaining top talent can be incredibly challenging, it has never been more critical to engage the services of GRS.

Panel Discussion: Skills shortages and Recruitment challenges
by Christos Makedonas


Christos Makedonas is the Digital Risk Partner at Grant Thornton and Cofounder and Director of Enactia, a Privacy and Cybersecurity GRC Software Development company. In his 17 years old career, Christos has been involved and led projects in multidiscipline areas, such as Data Privacy and Data Protection, Discovery & Digital Forensics, Ethical Hacking, Third-party Assurance, Internal and External IT Audit, Internal Control Design and Evaluation, Risk, Regulatory & Compliance, and Information Risk Management. Christos holds an MSc in Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems (Focus in Information Security) from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE), a BSc in Computing Informatics from the University of Plymouth and a Banking Operations Diploma from the AIB. He is also a holder of multiple professional qualifications in the field of Information Systems Audit, Data Protection, Hacking and Forensics.

Panel Discussion: Skills shortages and Recruitment challenges
by Philokypros Roussounides


Philokypros Roussounides was born in 1978 and holds an MBA International Business from London Southbank University in the United Kingdom. He has many years of experience in senior management positions in large companies such as DHI GLOBAL MEDICAL GROUP as COO, COBALT AIR as Senior Vice President, DUBAI ETA GROUP as General Manager, and CYPRUS AIRWAYS as General Manager Inflight Services. Ηe took over the duties of the Director General of the Cyprus Hotel Association since June 2020, while he is representing the Association to pertinent Bodies such as the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, Government Departments, the House of Representatives, as well as to Committees, Organizations and Associations in Cyprus and abroad related to the hotel industry and tourism. He has many years of experience in issues related to the tourism industry and tourism policy, regional development and European matters. He has participated as a speaker and coordinator in various conferences/workshops and has written articles in the daily press on issues concerning the tourism and hotel industry. He is a Member of the Advisory Board of the Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, with the aim of jointly developing initiatives and projects to promote the hospitality industry, as well as a Member of the Parallel Parliament for Entrepreneurship established by the House of Representatives

Panel Discussion: Skills shortages and Recruitment challenges
by Monica Potsou


Monica Potsou has an extensive experience of over 15 years in HR and Operational roles in different industries, including an international experience of 7 years in an Oil & Gas Services Company headquartered in Norway. She is currently the Regional HR Manager of P&O Maritime Logistics Cyprus, an international company providing sea services at the Port of Limassol. Monica holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Middlesex University Business School London (UK) and a BA in Economics (Business Economics and Finance) from Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece). She is also a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and a graduate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD London). In addition, Monica is sitting at the Board of WISTA Cyprus since 2018 holding the position of the Treasurer. She is an active member of different non-profit organisations including the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association (CyHRMA). Monica has executed several trainings on soft skills (i.e. Stress Management, Time Management, Interview Skills, CV writing, etc.). In addition, Monica is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP).


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