26 March 2015

On 26 March 2015, the CyHRMA in collaboration with the University of Cyprus held an open lecture/presentation on “Teamwork”. Presenter of the lecture was Mr. George Christodoulides, Manager of the Human Resources Department of Lanitis Group of Companies.

The purpose of the lecture was to emphasise the importance of teamwork and cooperation in all aspects of our personal and professional life. Various scenarios, both from real life and hypothetical, were developed, discussed and analysed, in order to fully understand and assimilate the importance of cooperation in achieving common goals.

The lecture analysed the ten basic rules of teamwork and particular reference was made to the fact that the sum of the efforts of the entire group, is greater than the sum of the efforts of each member individually.

A discussion also took place regarding the individuality of each person, as well as the diversity of each culture, within the concept of “team”. Through the discussion, it was highlighted how the professional relationship tightening practices should be adjusted to the needs of the team members, the targets set and the mentality and culture that characterises the members of the team.

Further practical examples were made regarding teams where the leader has to perform an important and dominant role. The leader’s philosophy, character and positive energy are significant group configuration features. Also, the significant role of “Trust” between team members and the leader’s emotional intelligence are basic principles for a successful team.

Teamwork Presentation 26.03.2015