Psychometric Tests and Recruitment & Selection Tools

04 March 2015

On March 4th 2015 the CyHRMA in collaboration with the Cyprus University of Technology organized a lecture for the University students titled “Psychometric Tests and Recruitment & Selection Tools”. The presenter was Mrs. Anna Sofokleous, Career Management Consultant in Let’s Talk! Human Potential Ltd.

The aim of the presentation was to give an insight to all students regarding the Recruitment & Selection tools that are used by today’s employers so the candidates would be able to get prepared effectively. In this way, they can stand out from the crowd and maximize possibilities to be hired.

The presentation focused on and analyzed the main selection methods. These include: a) Assessment Centers, b) Job Interviews and c) Psychometric tests, numerical tests, verbal ability tests, reasoning tests, mechanical ability tests and personality tests (as all these come under the category of the recruitment and selection tools). How technology has affected the recruitment and selection process was another issue mentioned during the presentation.

Furthermore, the presentation included several real life examples of questions and exercises aiming to enhance students’ understanding on the subject.

At the end of the lecture, the students had the opportunity to resolve their queries in a Questions & Answers session.

Psychometric Tests and Recruitment Tools Presentation 04.03.2015