CyHRMA Annual Conference & Expo | 24 May 2017
Nicosia, Filoxenia Conference Centre

Be part of the largest and best HR Event in Cyprus!

Once more, the Annual Conference of the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association was completed with great success. The Conference established by now in the Cyprus business community, is recognized as one of the most important and valuable events in the field of Human Resource Management.

This year, the Conference took place on May 24, 2017 at the Filoxenia Conference Center in Nicosia, with the presence of the Honorable Minister of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance, Mrs. Zeta Emilianidou as well as a number of distinguished guestsand more than 150 Conference participants.

The conference hosted forward-thinking speakers from Cyprus and abroad and offered networking opportunities with colleagues from organizations of all types in a comfortable setting and an exciting EXPO with HR solutions and services.

The Conference began with welcoming speeches by the Conference Co-Chairpersons, Mr. Panayiotis Thrasyvoulou, Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Association and Mrs. Miranda Archontidou, Member of the Conference Committee. A welcoming speech followed by the President of the Board of Directors, Mr. George Pantelides, who welcomed the participants and thanked them for their presence in this important event for the Association. He also thanked the Minister for attending theConference as well as for the Ministry’s decision to place the Conferenceunder its auspices. This acknowledgment is highly significant for our Annual Conference.

The President then invited Mrs. Zeta Emilianidou to come to the stage for her speech. The Minister mentioned that the Association offers valuable opportunitiesfor someone to learn, network and get informed on the latest innovations and trends in the field of Human Resource Management. In the modern business environment, it is a necessity for the organizations to invest in the human capital for their smooth operation. People is the most valuable asset of an organization and should develop multiple skills such as flexibility, adaptability to changing circumstances, problem solving skills, continuous learning skills, as well as teamwork and communication skills. Organizations face multiple challenges that reinforce the need for change and improvement in the effectiveness of their human resources. The Minister said that today Cyprus is experiencing a steady economic recovery and growth. The unemployment rates steadily fell and young people can now see the future with optimism. The government remains focused on growth and creation of more and better jobs. Through the promotion of appropriate policies and measures,the Ministry continues its efforts to reduce unemployment, strengthen the employability of the unemployed and employed, support the creation of new jobs, improve welfare systems. The Minister also referred to the Association’s request for participation in the HRDA’s Board of Directors and said that she will examine it.

Keynote speaker was Mr. David Alan Conradie , Partner, Human Capital Advisory Services at Deloitte Consulting S.r.l. His speech titled “The Future of HR in a Digital Age” covered the results of the “2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Survey”. The focus was on 10 areas identified by the survey, in which organizations will need to close the gap between the pace of change and the challenge of leading, organizing, motivating, managing, and engaging the 21st-century workforce. Examples of innovative HR solutions developed to address the challenges of the new digital reality were also shared.

The speech by Mr. Antonios Daskos , Managing Director & Master Trainer at DOOR Training & Consulting Greece – Cyprus followed. His presentation “HR & Training Metrics” included the most important HR & Training metrics that an organization should use.

After the end of his speech, a short break followed within the Exhibition area.

The next speaker was Mr. Stylianos N. Christoforou , Managing Partner at Stylianos Christoforou & Co. LLC. Through his speech “Companies’ current Challenges in Employment Law” , Mr. Christoforou analysed, based on his experience, the top five most common and tricky employment law matters: 1) Handling employee complaints, 2) Handling employee fraud cases, 3) Termination of employment, 4) Transfer of undertakings, 5) Non- disclosure clauses in employment agreements . Additionally, participants had the opportunity to discuss issues on labour law matters.

Then, Mrs. Marina Ioannou-Hasapi , Director of the Department of Labour Relations presented her speech on the subject “‘Gender Equality Employer’ Certification”. The Department of Labour Relations promotes the Cyprus Gender Equality Certification Body for the implementation of Best Practices toward Gender Equality within the working environment.The Body’s goal is to certify businesses that implement policies that ensure gender equality and life-work balance. Each organization can be certified either as an Equality Employer and implement an integrated system on gender equality or certified for a Best Practice. To date, 40 companies have been awarded. The 19 of them received the Equality Employer Certificate and the rest were certified for Best Practices. Mrs. Ioannou-Hasapi referred to the Equality Certification criteria, examples of Best Practices and the reasons that a company must be certified. A short presentation followed by three companies that obtained the Gender Equality Certification (Crowne Plaza Limassol, Cyproman Services Ltd, LGS Handling Ltd).

Three speeches followed under the subject “Talent Management”. The first presentation “Nestle needs Youth – the Global Initiative of Nestle for Youth Employability” was delivered by Mrs. Polyxeni Kiouri , Human Resources Director Greece & SEE Reg. at Νestle Hellas SA. Mrs. Kiouri referred to Nestle’s initiative, which promotes job creation, in addition to strengthening and developing the skills and employability of young people. This initiative also mobilizes companies and non-governmental organizations to unite and further support the youth.

The next speech was “Talents Empowerment Retail STEP FORWARD!” by Mr.Dimitris Stavropoulos , Talent Acquisition & Development Manager at Public (Retail World SA). Mr. Stavropoulos referred to the main pillars of the performance management strategy: Continuous and Honest Feedback, Team Collaboration, Promotion of Performance Review Outcomes, Coaching.

The next speaker was Mr. Gregory Sofroniou, Senior Consultant Learning Development at Lidl Cyprus. Through his speech “Dynamic Store Manager Program: Developing The Leaders of Our Stores” , Mr. Sofroniou mentioned the four steps of the program: 1) How the new Store Manager should be, 2) Where the company stands today, 3) Personalized Development Plan and 4) Education & Development.
Lunch followed where participants had the opportunity to network again.

The rest of the conference was completed with two presentations on the theme of Workplace Well Being. Mrs. Valentina Toumaniou, Strategic Human Resources Officer at the Cyprus University of Technology delivered her speech with the title “Balancing Work and Life at the Cyprus University of Technology” mentioning the three main pillars: 1) Procedures 2) Implementation of Practices and Policies 3) Organization Philosophy. Mrs. Toumaniou said that the University’s desire is for its people to be healthy. The aim of the University is to create a supportive environment that gives employees control over their lives and get satisfaction.

Last speaker was Mr. Graham Nugent, Director of MANDEVCO International Ltd and his presentation was on the subject “Manage Your Stressors: Escape the Squeeze | Unlock the Chains | Breather Free” . Mr. Nugent gave the keys to manage stress and improve the quality of life. These five keys/ways are: “C.R.E.D.O.”: Communicate, Relax, Exercise, Diet, Organise.

The closure of the Conference followed in the afternoon.

We would like to sincerely thank all Sponsors and Exhibitors of the 2017 Conference. Their contribution was decisive in creating an unforgettable Conference: DeloitteLtd (Gold Sponsor), Cyprus International Institute of Managementand DeltaSoft Ltd (Silver Sponsors), Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (Supporter).

Exhibitors (in alphabetical order) were:British Council (Cyprus), Cyprus International Institute of Management, Deloitte Ltd, DeltaSoft Ltd, DOOR Training & Consulting, Marsh Brokers Ltd, Oracle Hellas, S.K. Stirixis Educational & Consulting Ltd.


08:30 | 09:00 Registration – Coffee

09:00 | 09:10 Welcome by the Conference Co – Chairpersons
Mr Panayiotis Thrasyvoulou
, Secretary of the Board of Directors – CyHRMA
Mrs Miranda Archontidou
, Group HR Manager – Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd

09:10 | 09:30 Opening Speech
Mr George Pantelides
, President of the Board of Directors – CyHRMA 
Mrs Zeta Emilianidou
, Minister of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance 

09:30 | 10:15 Keynote Address: The Future of HR in a Digital Age
Mr David Alan Conradie, Partner, Human Capital Advisory Services – Deloitte Consulting S.r.l.

10:15 | 10:45 ΗR & Training Metrics
Mr Antonios Daskos
, Managing Director & Master Trainer – DOOR Training & Consulting Greece – Cyprus

10:45 | 11:15 Coffee Break & The Exhibition Experience!

11:15 | 11:40 Companies’ current Challenges in Employment Law
Mr Stylianos N. Christoforou, Managing Partner – Stylianos Christoforou & Co. LLC

11:40 | 12:05 “Gender Equality Employer” Certification
Mrs Marina Ioannou-Hasapi, Director – Department of Labour Relations

12:05 | 13:25 Talent Management

12:05 | 12:25 Nestle needs Youth – the Global Initiative of Nestle for Youth Employability
Mrs Polyxeni Kiouri, Human Resources Director Greece & SEE Reg. – Νestle Hellas

12:25 | 12:45 Talents Empowerment Retail STEP FORWARD!
Mr Dimitris Stavropoulos, Talent Acquisition & Development Manager – Public (Retail World SA)

12:45 | 13:05 Dynamic Store Manager Program: Developing The Leaders of Our Stores
Mr Gregory Sofroniou, Senior Consultant Learning Development – Lidl Cyprus

13:05 | 13:25 Question & Answer Session

13:25  | 14:25 Lunch & The Exhibition Experience! 

14:25 | 15:20 Workplace Well Being

14:25 | 14:45 Balancing Work and Life at the Cyprus University of Technology
Mrs Valentina Toumaniou, Strategic Human Resources Officer – Cyprus University of Technology

14:45 | 15:05 Manage Your Stressors: Escape the Squeeze | Unlock the Chains | Breather Free
Mr Graham Nugent, Director –MANDEVCO International Ltd

15:05 | 15:20 Question & Answer Session

15:20  | 15:30 Conference Closing

Note: We will finish at 16:00 as extra time will be provided in between speeches for the exhibitors’ presentations.

Speakers & Sessions

Speech: The Future of HR in a Digital Age
by David Alan Conradie

Today’s workforce is changing. It’s more digital, more global, diverse, automation-savvy, and social media- proficient. At the same time, business expectations, needs, and demands are evolving faster than ever before. Welcome to the ‘VUCA’ world! With these challenges come significant opportunities. In particular the opportunity to reimagine HR, talent, and organizational practices. To be effective in the digital age, business and HR leaders can no longer continue to operate according to old paradigms. This keynote presentation will cover the results of the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey, the largest and most extensive survey of its kind to date, with input from more than 10,400 senior business and HR leaders representing a broad cross-section of industries across 140 countries. The focus will be on 10 areas identified by the survey, in which organizations will need to close the gap between the pace of change and the challenge of leading, organizing, motivating, managing, and engaging the 21st-century workforce. Examples of innovative HR solutions developed to address the challenges of the new digital reality will also be shared.

Speaker’s Biography

David Alan Conradie is a Partner in the Human Capital Service Area of Deloitte Consulting, Italy. He has over 15 years’ experience consulting to organisations globally on human capital related matters, having served as a member of the Deloitte Consulting Global Talent Steering Committee and as Global Head of Talent Analytics. His past career experience includes being a Partner with Deloitte Consulting, Africa (12 years), Principal: Talent and Leadership with Top Talent Solutions (3 years), as well as various specialist and CHRO positions in the Financial Services industry in South Africa. His particular areas of specialisation include Strategic Talent Management, Leadership Succession Planning and Management, People and Workforce Analytics, Employee Engagement and Employer Branding. He is a published author on a number of these specialisations and has been an invited speaker at numerous national and international conferences. David holds a Master of Arts degree (cum laude) in Industrial Psychology. He is a registered Organisational Psychologist with the South African Health Professions Council, a member of The Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology, and is past Chairman of the Membership and Professional Designation Committee of the Institute of People Management of Southern Africa.

Speech: HR & Training Metrics
by Antonios Daskos

Human Resource (HR) and Training metrics are measurements used to determine the value and effectiveness of HR and Training initiatives. It is often required of Human Resource and Training departments to show the organizational value of money and time spent on human resources management training and activities. HR’s challenge is to provide business leaders with actionable information that helps them make decisions about investments, marketing strategies and new products. HR and Training metrics are a vital way to quantify the cost and the impact of employee programs and HR processes and measure the success (or failure) of HR and Training initiatives. They enable a company to track year-to year-trends and changes in these critical variables. It is how organizations measure the value of the time and money spent on HR and Training activities in their organization. In this session you will get a guideline of the most important HR & Training metrics you need to use.

Speaker’s Biography

Antonios Daskos is the managing director of DOOR Greece and DOOR Cyprus Training & Consulting. He has over 17 years’ experience in training and development of employees from many organisations globally. He is an international trainer and facilitator for DOOR International. His past career experience includes being an executive for Bull, Microsoft and Mercedes Benz. His particular areas of specialisation include Experiential Training in Leadership, Sales, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Accountability, Presentation Skills and Public Speaking, Coaching, Negotiations, Employee Engagement, Train The Trainer and People Management. He is HR & Training ROI Certified and expert in Training Needs Analysis (TNA). He is certified International facilitator for Microsoft, Phillip Morris and Harley Davidson SEE. He has been involved in many international projects including Corporate Academies, Employee Assessment Centers (Leadership, Development etc.), 360 Feedback systems, Employee satisfaction surveys, Business Simulation Training. Antonis, is also an expert in designing result based training programs. He has helped many organizations to develop their HR & Training dashboard with HR & Training metrics. He holds a Master in Software engineering and a Master in Business Administration. He is a member of American Talent Association (ATD).

Speech: Companies’ current Challenges in Employment Law
by Stylianos N. Christoforou

Do you need legal advice? Ask our lawyer! All questions should be sent to info@cyhrma.org no later than 17 May. Stylianos N. Christoforou will respond to the questions at the day of the Conference.

Speaker’s Biography

Stylianos N. Christoforou, LLB, LLM, Barrister at Law
After practicing law with some of most renowned organisations in Cyprus, he established Stylianos Christoforou & Co LLC in 2005. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators of England and Wales, Qualified Lecturer on Legal Matters and Qualified Insolvency Practitioner. He is consulting a large number of businesses on Corporate Legal matters including but not limited to Employment law, Tax law and Corporate Governance. He has successfully represented Employers in all pioneer High Court cases related to Transfer of Undertakings. Outside the Court room, he has handled one of the major Industrial Relations Cases in the Republic, representing 180 employees. Having a vast experience in the field, Stylianos is considered to be one of the most prominent practitioners in the area of Corporate law in Cyprus.

Speech: Gender Equality Employer Certification
by Marina Ioannou – Hasapi

Do you need legal advice? Ask our lawyer! All questions should be sent to info@cyhrma.org no later than 17 May. Stylianos N. Christoforou will respond to the questions at the day of the Conference.

Speaker’s Biography

Marina Ioannou – Hasapi has studied Accounting and Finance at the University of Essex. She then obtained a Master’s degree in Public Sector Management, a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a PhD in Labour Relations. She has 23 years experience in the Department of Labour Relations and as of March 2015, she is the Director of the Department of Labour Relations of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance. The Department is responsible for safeguarding and maintaining industrial peace and healthy conditions in the area of industrial relations with a view to achieving social cohesion, productivity in work, the establishment of democratic practices and the achievement of socio-economic progress. Dr. Hasapi deals with all policy issues related to labour relations and specifically with the enforcement, monitoring and inspection of the application of the harmonized labour legislation, the prevention and settlement of industrial disputes, the promotion of the principle of equal treatment between employees, with special emphasis on the principle of equal pay between men and women and the protection of vulnerable groups of workers. She was a member of the board of the Cyprus Organization for the Hallmarking of Articles of Precious Metals (ASSAY) as well as a member of the board of Cyprus Human Resource Management Association, and has taught Labour Relations at the University of Cyprus and at The Mediterranean Institute of Management (MIM).

Speech: Nestle needs Youth – the global initiative of Nestle for youth employability
by Polyxeni Kiouri

Nestlé has a long tradition of recruiting young people directly from schools or universities. In 2013 youth unemployment in Europe was at a critical level, and we felt we could do even more to help address it. Focusing on creating first job experiences, we launched the Nestlé needs YOUth initiative, which promotes job creation, in addition to strengthening and developing the skills and employability of young people. It also mobilizes companies and non-governmental organizations to unite and further support the youth, through the Alliance for YOUth initiative. Nestlé will offer 15,000 apprenticeships and traineeships as part of an overall commitment to offer 35,000 work opportunities for young people in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa by 2020. This commitment is part of its Global Youth Initiative to help young people across the world develop skills and become more employable. The company has already offered 32,000 opportunities in Europe, exceeding its initial target of 20,000 in the region.

Speaker’s Biography

Polyxeni Kiouri, Human Resources Director Nestle Hellas and South East European Region (Greece, Bulgaria, Romania).She was born and raised in North Africa, where she graduated from the French School.She studied Political Science and International Relations at the Kapodistrian University of Athens.Polly has more than 16 years of working experience in the field of Human Resources Management, having held positions of increasing responsibility – namely Head of Recruitment, Project Manager for large technology and cultural transformation projects, HR Business partner. She has been holding her current position since September 2011.

Speech: Talents Empowerment Retail STEP FORWARD!
by Dimitris Stavropoulos

The Public network of stores was established in 2005 and managed to create a “Love Brand” in Greece & Cyprus, given the combination of high level services and entertainment experience with the most complete range of products available. Public stores have become a reference point in every city – where everybody can enjoy unique moments of entertainment – and thus earning Public the loyalty and respect of customers.

HR Leadership, committed to its “Agile Business Partner” HR Operating model, along with our new CEO strategy, implemented an innovative way of dealing with Talents Empowerment, focusing on Workplace Climate. Our target is to point out the achievements of our HIPOs, supporting simultaneously the colleagues to deliver their tasks more effectively through employee development coaching!

The main pillars of “PUBLIC Performance Management Strategy” are:
– evaluating both the delivery way and employee performance outcome, through the Continuous, Direct & Honest Feedback of People Managers,
– taking into consideration each target completion within the actual Business Environment, along with Team Collaboration and Cross-year Achievements,
– fostering Performance Review outcomes based on certain actions & project delivery, avoiding standardized duties and scaling systems,
– enabling People Managers to deal with each employee role uniqueness, building Career Paths and enhancing Succession Planning!

Speaker’s Biography

Striving to revolutionize human resources the same way that Olympia Group, Westnet and PUBLIC have revolutionized entrepreneurship, wholesale and retail in Greece, Cyprus & South Eastern Europe, Dimitris Stavropoulos holds the position of Talent Acquisition & Development Manager focusing on People Empowerment innovation and Business Effectiveness culture! His 10-year HR Management experience, acting as true People Strategy Partner, encompasses his involvement in Organizational Development, Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding & Performance Management assignments & projects for several multinational organizations of high-performing individuals, like Microsoft, First Data Corporation & Olympia Group of Companies. Dimitris acquired both his M.Sc. in Human Resources Management & Bachelor in Business Administration in Athens University of Economics & Business, having research cooperation with City University of London on Business Evaluation. He published a variety of Human Resources Strategy articles with topics like “The evolution of Generation Z”, “Employer Branding as Talents Empowerment mean”, “Replacing Annual Reviews & Scale Systems with Millennials Development Coaching”, “Recruitment & Hiring Effectiveness”, “Cultivating Retail HIPOs”, “Re-approaching Corporate Benefits in a Work/life Balance flexible orientation” and was awarded many times in contests like Best Workplaces, EEDE HR Excellence Awards & HR Professional HR Awards, representing Microsoft, Public and so forth.

Speech: Dynamic Store Manager Program: Developing The Leaders of Our Stores
by Gregory Sofroniou

The Dynamic Store Manager Program is a 2year project, which has been running in Greece and Cyprus. It is the an swer to the need for more power, authority and leadership to be transferred to the frontline. Customers of today are more sophisticated than ever, and the role of the Store Manager in meeting their needs is crucial. Upgrading this role required the change of the recruiting process and a very well thought and planned project, to develop the skills as well as the knowledge of the Store Managers.

In this presentation, we will share the strategic thinking behind the program, the 4 steps we undertook, the important role of the C-level management, the constraints, the difficulties and the pitfalls, during the project rollout. We will also discuss how we worked with the change of the dynamics in the management teams, which occurred with the new role and responsibilities of the Store Managers.

Finally, we will share the results of this project until now: Against the targets which we had set when we planned the project, but also the changes in the store teams’ motivation and working environment, that came as a bonus!

Speaker’s Biography

With a Master’s Degree in Hotel Management with a Human Resources Development Specialization, Gregory Sofroniou has undertaken several organic roles within leading 5 star hotels in Cyprus, before starting his career in the consulting services. Gregory has a proven track record of providing exemplary levels of service to a broad range of B2B Customers, including the outsourcing of HR Management for two 5 star hotels in Limassol and Pafos. At the same time, Gregory has started offering training and coaching, specializing in hotel management, customer service and team management. Mr Sofroniou has started working for Lidl Cyprus in 2013, as HR Support and Development Manager. For the last four years, he has supported the expansion of Lidl Cyprus, from 7 to 16 stores and from 250, to 550 employees, while adopting new human resources strategies that support the global profile of Lidl. In the Conference, he is presenting one of the most important HR projects he has planned and coordinated for Cyprus, the Dynamic Store Management of Lidl. His personal passions include constant learning, nature and extreme sports. He lives in Limassol.

Speech: Balancing Work and Life at the Cyprus University of Technology
by Valentina Toumaniou

Work-life balance and well-being among employees has become imperative for any organization in order to ensure enhanced performance efficiency, particularly in this era of highly competitive business environment. The basic premises of work-life balance models focus on role conflict, role enhancement and role balance.

Cyprus University of Technology has introduced a series of HR practices and policies to promote work and non-work roles reconciliation and prevent work and non-work conflict.

A basic component of this set of work-life balance practices is the introduction of an employee health & wellness program named “Health & Wellness Days at CUT”.The program is developed with a holistic approach to encourage employees to lead healthier and more rewarding lives. Through a variety of activities it raises awareness for issues that fall under five main pillars: health, physical activity, wellness, family and mental wellbeing. At the same time, it creates a supportive environment for staff members to engage long-term to healthier habits.

Speaker’s Biography

Valentina Toumaniou is a passionate HR professional that combines creativity and HR expertise to create HR value. She obtained her BSc in Marketing and Communication from Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). She continued her studies in the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) where she obtained her MBA and an MSc in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior. In 2008 she joined Cyprus University of Technology as a Human Resources Officer. She gained hands on experience in building and developing the HR function at different stages of business and she was exposed in all facets of human resources. Her current assignment involves the alignment of existing human resources policies and introduction of new, to support strategic performance.

Speech: Manage Your Stressors: Escape the Squeeze: Unlock the Chains: Breather Free
by Graham Nugent

Anything, everything can be stressful – getting the children off to school, the traffic, the boss, clients, the people around you. Even Trump ! The result – our heart beats faster, the pattern of our breathing changes becoming shallow and labored; our thoughts darting, exploring, searching for solutions creating feelings of panic and helplessness which can threaten to overwhelm us. Its life! But stress can be managed and in this short presentation you will better understand the nature of stress and be given the keys to unlock the chains to breathe free. Keys that reflect a depth of practical experience : keys that will improve the quality of your life.

Speaker’s Biography

A senior banker and H.R. professional, with forty years management experience, working internationally but largely in the Middle East, Graham Nugent is the owner and Managing Director of MANDEVCO International who provide H.R. consultancy services and programs of training in many parts of the world for banks, companies and Government institutions. Embracing and introducing experiential learning methodologies in the GCC its flagship Workshop ONE GREAT TEAM has been delivered 800 times, for 600 clients including 37 multi-nationals and 32 banks, experienced by over 60,000 participants – probably the most successful team and team leader development learning platform in the world. A well experienced H.R. and Training Professional Graham is a highly accomplished and charismatic Trainer and Conference Speaker with an engaging, energetic and enthusiastic style. He now lives in the village of Lefkara.


Gold Sponsor

Deloitte is one of the largest and fastest growing professional organizations in Cyprus, providing a full range of services in Audit & Enterprises Risk Services, Consulting, Financial Advisory and Tax, through its offices in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca. With more than 200,000 professionals, in 150 countries, Deloitte brings unique knowledge and experience, delivering world class excellence and giving you the benefit of a global firm with a local and personal touch. Our Human Capital Services, part of the world’s largest HR Consulting Firm, with over 5.000 HR professionals, provide unrivalled breadth and depth of services to help our clients maximize the value of their people and to support business improvement and change. We differentiate ourselves by delivering strategic and practical HR solutions which range from helping companies align their people and business strategies to reorganising their service delivery models and improving their HR systems and policies. We support a wide clientele that consists among others the most recognized organisations in Cyprus and internationally.

Silver Sponsor

CIIM – The Cyprus International Institute of Management is a non-profit international business school established in 1990. CIIM has received unique international accreditations, CIIM MBA is among the top 1% MBA programmes in the world. CIIM differs with its international faculty coming from top Universities worldwide (such as Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, UCL). There is also the CIIM Executive Education Centre which provides professional qualifications and seminars. Furthermore, the CIIM ENTICE department with its unique achievements regarding entrepreneurship and innovation. CIIM was ranked by Eduniversal in 2016 as the Best Business School in Cyprus.

Deltasoft was established by a team of expert software consultants with extensive knowledge and experience in the area of Human Resource Management software solutions to provide high quality, targeted Human Capital Management software consultancy solutions with a focus on offering best of breed tools and applications that help transform HR professionals into strategic business partners in their respective organizations. Whilst DeltaSoft’s client base is primarily in Cyprus and Greece, the company has a number of clients in Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East. More recently, in response to growing demand for high quality, high value Human Resource and Payroll Services, DeltaSoft have enhanced their service offering with the introduction of DeltaLink ALTUS, a Human Capital Management solution based on SAP, with complete and comprehensive coverage of the employee lifecycle, a talent management suite focused on identifying, engaging, developing and retaining your workforce and social collaboration tools that bring together people, information and business processes to achieve optimum business results. All of this with deployment options ranging from cloud-based to hosted or hybrid.


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British Council (Cyprus)
Cyprus International Institute of Management
Deltasoft Ltd
DOOR Training
Marsh Brokers Limited
S.K.Stirixis Educational & Consulting

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