Katopodis Dimitris


Key Responsibilities:
– Ensures the proper financial management of the Association aiming at the successful implementation of its short and long term strategy by implementing the relevant procedures.
– Creates, monitors and updates/revises the annual Budget of the Association by implementing the relevant procedures and regularly informing the Board of progress and issues arising.
– Confirms that the financial statements of the Association are properly updated and that all necessary payments are being made.
– Produces and presents the relevant reports to the Board and the members of the CyHRMA.
– Confirms that debtors pay all outstanding dues to the Association in accordance with the relevant procedures.
– Confirms that receipts are being issued correctly and on time.
– Issues cheques according to the relevant procedures.
– Manages the contracts of the Association with its various suppliers/strategic partners.
– Manages and effectively implement the procurement procedures of the Association.
– Undertakes any other important tasks which are assigned by the President.


With extensive leadership and operational experience, coupled with a strong HR background, Dimitris is a well-rounded professional. His academic background in organizational behavior and human resource management grants him a deep understanding of the dynamics within organizations. Throughout his career, he successfully implemented HR strategies, fostering positive work culture and employee engagement. This resulted in heightened productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction, as HR initiatives were strategically aligned with key business goals, ultimately driving organizational achievements. His involvement in various boards, including the Hellenic-Cypriot Business Association, Cyprus Retail Association, and Cyprus Integrity Forum, showcases his commitment to promoting ethical practices and supporting local business growth. Actively shaping HR policies, he contributes to the benefit of both employees and employers. Recognizing the importance of work-life balance and family, Dimitris strives to create supportive and inclusive work environments. His role as Leroy Merlin’s Country Leader in Cyprus benefits from his extensive experience, academic background, and HR expertise.