Member Satisfaction Survey 2014

At beginning of 2015, the CyHRMA Research and International Relations Committee conducted the second Members Satisfaction Survey, with the scope to evaluate whether the members’ satisfaction level was as high as the first survey indicated in October 2013.

We are sharing with you the results of this Survey, which was conducted between 29/01/2015 – 15/02/2015.

93 members provided their feedback. 77.4% of the survey participants are HR Professionals and 59.1% of them are CyHRMA members for more than 5 years.

Overall, the majority of our members indicated that they are satisfied with their CyHRMA membership (79.6%).

Taking the feedback from the survey results into account the Board of the Association has prepared an action plan and is committed to do its best so that the needs and suggestions of its members are satisfied.