University of Nicosia (16/03/2017) & University of Cyprus (07/04/2017)

CyHRMA organized for another year a series of educational meetings with students both from the University of Nicosia (16/03/2017) and the University of Cyprus (07/04/2017).

These meetings were in the form of CV clinics where students had the opportunity to meet with the Members-Trainers of the Association in person and form their CV together.

The Members of the Association that participated in this training activity at the University of Nicosia were Andria Antoniadou, Andreas Matsangos, Pamela Isaac Miller and Irene Papadopoulou. The Members who participated at the University of Cyprus were Andria Antoniadou, Andreas Matsangos, Areti Papadopoulou, Irene Papadopoulou and John Papachristos.

The trainers provided high-quality services to the students and each meeting lasted over 20 minutes. During the meetings, there was a dialogue with the students where the trainers advised about ways to improve and enrich their curriculum vitae.

Each dialogue was not limited to the curriculum but also what the student could do to enhance its academic background and gain work experience. The CV is a reflection and a mirror of each candidate to the potential employer.

At the same time, the students were informed about how they should send their CV and the way that the CV and Cover Letter should be written. Students had the opportunity to express their concerns to the trainers, discuss and decide their place in labour market so that they could build their careers early.

A good CV is always the way to get the attention of employers who are looking for the right people to take them one step further.

On the 7th of April 2017, within the context of the University of Cyprus’ Career Fair “Knowledge Festival 2017”, the students of the University had the opportunity to become more aware of the processes and skills that will support and enhance their career development.They came in contact with the labour market and its representatives to receive information on the trends and went through seminars and workshops that provided a head start training that they could later on enhance. The event was a test for most of them to assess their job searching skills, and determine their strengths and weaknesses in their ability to promote themselves in the world of work after they graduate. It was our duty as CyHRMA to be present again, and support the effort of the Student Affairs Office of the University of Cyprus by sharing knowledge and experience with the students that attended the event. During the Mock Job Interviews carried out by Members of the Association (Demetris Vassilakkas and Elli Matsouka), students had the opportunity to get feedback and practical advices on the development of important skills related to the Interview Process. The students had the opportunity to take the “hot seat” of the interviewee and handle this difficult position, and have an empirical experience that upgraded their abilities.