University of Cyprus


The CyHRMA actively contributed to the events of the “2018 Career Fair” organised by the Careers Offices of the University of Cyprus. During the Career Fair that took place at the University of Cyprus on the 26th of April 2018, members of the Association carried out CV ‘Clinics’ and Mock Interviews for interested students of the University.

In the course of thee CV “Clinics” suggestions for improvement and answers to various questions relating to the write up of their CV, were provided by Human Resource professionals and members of the Association. At the same time, all those who utilised the opportunity to attend the Mock Interviews, benefited from valuable advice and feedback.

An impressive number of young people attended the events. It is with great pleasure that all the Association’s members taking part, contributed to the success of the above series of Career Fair events, by helping young people promote their qualifications and achievements, supporting their academic and professional career paths.

We would like to especially thank for their participation and contribution:

Mr. Panayiotis Thrasyvoulou (President of CyHRMA)
Mrs Maria Stylianou Theodorou (Vice President of CyHRMA)
Mr. Marios Christoforou (Member of the Board of Directors of CyHRMA)
Mr. Andreas Savvides (Assistant Secretary of CyHRMA)
Mrs Anna Mylona (Member of CyHRMA)
Mrs Andria Alexandrou (Member of CyHRMA)
Global Recruitment Solution Ltd (Corporate Member of CyHRMA)