Training Event in Israel

March 2017

The conduct of academic lectures and educational workshops constitutes an integral part of each academic institution. However, organising initiatives which provide an opportunity for the development of academic knowledge, personal and skills development in a multicultural environment, it is not just an unusual practice, but on the contrary one of the best practices for preparing young people entering the labour market.

CyHRMA supported such an initiative. In particular, the International Water Centre of the University of Cyprus in collaboration with the University of Jerusalem (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) organized a Training Week in Israel in the beginning of March, aiming at the further development of both the professional knowledge and the personal development of the PhD students of the program.

Within this context, the participants had the opportunity to receive tips on the improvement of the presentation and the content of their curriculum vitae (CV), which were given individually through a one to one meeting with the member of the CyHRMA Board of Directors, Elli Matsouka.

Additionally, Mrs. Matsouka conducted a workshop with the title: “Before and After the Handshake: Interview Skills”, aiming at preparing the participants for a future recruitment interview. The presentation provided the students with helpful advice for preparing and promoting CVs, professional appearance and outfit, guidance for understanding the ‘body language’ and tips for the content of various types of interview. In addition, she conducted mock job interviews with the participants where feedback and practical advice was given.

Such initiatives undoubtedly constitute opportunities to make a substantial contribution for the development and preparation of young people entering the labour market, thus making them capable enough to be more competitive professionals and more integrated personalities. Our Association will continue to encourage and support such initiatives.