The Art of Effective Communication

25 February 2015

On February 25th, 2015 a lecture titled “The Art of Effective Communication” was organized by the CyHRMA in collaboration with the University of Cyprus. The lecture took place at the University’s premises and was open not only to University of Cyprus students but the unemployed as well. The presenter was Mrs. Vasiliki Christofi, a Communication Specialist at Conicon Ltd.

The presentation was designed to inform students and unemployed on the subject of effective communication, starting from the basics by defining the word “communication”, illustrating and explaining the four basic types of communication, showcasing the obstacles of communication, and most importantly the role of perception in communication.

This presentation focused on Verbal Communication, the 5 different levels of listening and their role in communication, the 3 different ways of sending and receiving messages, Body Language and its value, multiple ways of handshake and their importance in professional meetings (e.g. Interviews), and lastly how communication techniques can help us as individuals to advance not only in our careers but our personal lives as well.

Throughout the presentation there were practical exercises aiming to illustrate that even if everyone is looking at the same picture, each and every one anticipates it differently. Questions and illustrations during the presentation allowed participants to develop fruitful conversations and a better understanding of the value of communication in both their personal everyday routines and their careers.

The seminar was attended by a total of approximately 60 students and other participants who asked questions and received further clarifications at the end of the lecture.

The Art of Effective Communication Presentation 25.02.2015