Termination of employment and redundancies in Cypriot law

3 October 2012 + 21 February 2013

The Association organized with great success the HR Business Breakfast on the topic “Termination of Employment and Redundancies in Cypriot Law” on 3 October 2012 at the Amathus Hotel (Limassol) and 21 February 2013 at the Training Center of Papaellinas (Nicosia).

The speakers, Mr. George Z. Georgiou from the Legal Office George Z. Georgiou and Associates and the former President of the Cyprus Industrial Tribunals Court, Mrs. Moscho Zambakidou-Mourtouvani exhibited a deep knowledge of the subject. Hence, their presentation was clear and precise with illuminating and highly realistic examples.

The main topics covered were the following:

  • basic principles of employment law and the legal framework under which it functions
  • Industrial Tribunals Court and its operational framework
  • the differences between redundancies and dismissals
  • cases where employee dismissals are justified
  • what is the Redundancy Fund and when are employees entitled to compensation from it
  • Collective Redundancies Law

Participants were given ample opportunity to put forward questions which resulted in a constructive and lively discussion that was useful to all.

Participants in the seminar in Limassol received the book by Michael Virardi titled «Positive Impact». A great big THANK YOU goes to Mr. Virardi for his generous contribution.

Presentation – Material

Pictures from both events:

21 February 2013 (Nicosia)

3 October 2012 (Limassol)