Rightsizing the Business in Times of Crisis

26 November 2013 + 14 February 2014

The “Rightsizing the Business in Times of Crisis” Business Breakfast was conducted on 26 November 2013 at the Training Centre of Papaellinas Group of Companies in Nicosia and 14 February 2014 at Deloitte’s Offices in Limassol.

The workshop was based on practical examples coming from the experiences of the two facilitators Mr Panayiotis Thrasyvoulou, HR& Quality Manager at Unicars Ltd and Mrs Natasa Iacovides, HR Manager at Hermes Airports Ltd, as well as those of the participants.

The workshop was focused on the following issues:

  • Downsizing Vs Rightsizing
  • Encouraging transparency and fairness
  • Handling the legal implications of the downsizing process
  • Handling the Trade Unions
  • Designing a strategic communication plan aiming at the management of change and managing those resisting to change
  • How to handle the remaining staff (the “survivor syndrome”)
  • Balancing the need to cut costs with operational effectiveness

Based on the feedback received, participants found the workshop interesting and beneficial as it offered them the opportunity to ask questions, exchange ideas and share their personal experiences on the subject, both good and bad! The interactive nature of the workshop and the opportunity to network was also a plus, according to the participants’ feedback.

Presentation – Material

14 February 2014 (Limassol)

26 November 2013 (Nicosia)