Problem Solving Techniques at the Workplace

18 February 2015

“Creative Problem Solving at the Workplace” was the topic of the presentation held at the Cyprus University of Technology, by Association members Valentina Toumaniou and Nastasia Michael. The presentation took place on the 18th February 2015, as part of the series of employment skills development workshops co-organised by the CUT Career Office, Limassol Europe Direct, the Limassol Municipality Youth Council and the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association.

Participants had the opportunity to listen to practical advice relating to dealing with problems that occur in the workplace, as well as techniques for creative (“out of the box”) solutions. Particular emphasis was placed on defining the problem, which constitutes the most important stage in the problem solving process, as was explained, but also on the methodology adopted to approach problems which seem difficult to solve. Afterwards, Nastasia Michael presented the creative approach in relation to job hunting issue and discussed with participants about the value of self-awareness in finding the right job, as well as about the various opportunities that may pass unnoticed during the financial crisis, due to the negativity that tends to prevail.

Further discussion and exchange of opinions between participants and trainers then took place, whilst reference was made to specific examples of problems faced and how these could be solved through “out of the box” approaches.