Οpening event for the celebrations of 30 years CyHRMA

2021 is a particularly important year for our Association as it marks 30 years of contribution in the field of Human Resources Management and more broadly to the economy and society of Cyprus.

To honor this important milestone in the history of our Association, various actions have been planned during the year.

Therefore, in the presence of 42 Members and friends of the Association, the inaugural event for the 30th anniversary of the Cyprus Human Resources Management Association was held online, on Thursday 22 April 2021.

The President of the Association, Panagiotis Thrasyvoulou, addressed a short greeting making a brief historical overview and stressed the contribution of the former Boards of Directors, as well as the Members of the Association, to the challenges faced by the HR community.

Afterward, Maria Georgiou, Member of the Board, presented the next planned actions for the celebrations, which were decided after the voluntary contribution of the Members of the Association, as well as the Board of Directors.

These actions include the cooperation of the Association with various universities in Cyprus, to educate students about issues related to the ΗR, as well as the creation of a platform where students and Corporate Members of the Association will have the opportunity to collaborate. Also, in the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, there will be tree planting, but also participation in a TV game, where the proceeds will be donated to charity. The aim is to promote these actions, but also the important work that our Association has done in the past 30 years in various media (television, radio, magazines, social networks). The culmination of the events will be sealed at the end of the year with a formal gala dinner.

We had the honor to have with us Dr. Venetia Kousia, Management Consultant VenetiaKoussia.net, where she presented a speech on “HR moment is here. Are we ready;”. She referred to the new normal that is being created after the pandemic and the way it presents opportunities for HR executives. She explained that the people of the planet experienced an adventure they had never imagined and that HR executives needed to assist decisively and effectively in supporting the companies’ most valuable asset: its people. The way and the place of work change, the outcomes required by each employee also change. She emphasizes the values ​​ claim their true role and leave the ‘posters’ and take a bigger part in our everyday behaviors.

Finally, an interesting discussion followed, with participants expressing their gratitude for the event which was a  great success.