Escape A Team Building Activity

04 March 2017

Team building is one of the foundations of organizational development and one of the most important responsibilities of HR Professionals. There are four main types of team building activities: Communication, Problem Solving/Decision Making, Adaptability/Planning and Trust Building. Members of the CyHRMA Committees had the opportunity to take part to such activity at Escape Limassol on the 4th of March 2017. These members were Andreas Papagapiou, Elena Christou Zeniou, Monica Potsou, Muriel Matta, Rebecca Raftis, Salomi Potamitou andYota Tsiokri.

“ESCAPE” is an intellectually stimulating game which, sums up all four main types of team building. ESCAPE is a game of clues and puzzles, hidden messages and secret passages. Participants will have to collaborate in order to solve the mystery and escape the room.

There are six thematic rooms. As the staff explained to us; each room has a unique story aiming to engage each participant in it. After discussions with the staff, we decided to visit the room called “John Monroe Office”.The story took us back to England in 1970: “A private detective, John Monroe, was very close to solve the crime of the century. But he was murdered. Four suspects, one killer. Can you find the killer in 60 minutes and escape?”. Our goal was to find the four suspects, the killer and escape the room before the police arrive, having the clock “ticking” against us. Our game combined puzzle skills, pressure and brain power.

Every team member gave all their effort and passion to solve the case and escape the room. We focused on solving the case, by communicating all the information collected.After investigating every single detail of the room, we finally managed to escape the room just one second before the door locks forever! What we achieved was not only to solve the case and escape the room, but that we managed to collaborate effectively and professionally in a creative way.

ESCAPE provided each participant with the absolute adrenaline experience. This is a method that HR professionals should consider for building teamwork and team commitment and for recruitment, as this will help them to understand their candidates, the way they handle pressure and the level of teamwork sense.