Οn May 20th, we have celebrated again International Human Resources Day (IHRD), which has been officially established since 2019 by the initiative of the European Association for People Management (EAPM).

This 2020’s celebration has focused on the leading role played by industry professionals in shaping a new, augmented reality in the workplace that rejects traditional ways of thinking and adopts characteristics of flexibility, participation and the integration of diversity.

Now more than ever, we need to work collectively, break away from stereotypes and traditional patterns that have been proved unsuccessful, think methodically and innovatively and focus on the common good – the one that will benefit the organizations we represent, the people we serve and the society we live in.

As part of the celebrations, we aimed in running activities, that provided the opportunity for networking and interacting at a local and international level, as well as the opportunity for inpiration for shaping the future of work.

Our Association participated in many actions:

1. An international networking event entitled “Connect and reflect: International speed networking for HR professionals” which will be coordinated by EAPM. 
2. Webinar entitled “Redefining the world of work: Insights and ideas from European HR Leaders”. The panel will include, among others, EAPM President Even Bolstad and Peter Cheese, CIPD Chief Executive. 
3. Email invitation to the Members of the Association, inviting them to participate within their Organisations
4. Announcement by the Ministry of Labor for the recognition of the offer of the HR Professionals
5. Social Media poll on “How can HR and people leaders at all levels could contribute in shaping the new future of work.”

Ideas on How to Celebrate the IHRD

Poll: "How can HR and people leaders at all levels could contribute in shaping the new future of work. Tell us what you consider as the 3 key priorities. "