CV Clinic

26 November 2015

On November 26, 2015, Members of the CyHRMA participated in the session “CV Clinic” held at UCLan Cyprus University for its students.

In particular, Demetris Vassilakkas Andreas Matsangos, Nastasia Michael and Irene Papadopoulou participated voluntarily offering their knowledge in one-to-one sessions by giving their suggestions for CV improvement.

The Members of the Association briefed students on the main principles that should follow when drafting a CV. Some of these are listed below:
-The CV should always be typed on a computer and should be available in the native language of the applicant and in the most widely spoken foreign language, the English language.
-Bright colours and patterns should be avoided, unless necessary (designer position for example).
-The CV should be short and generally not exceed two pages.
-The CV should be grammatically correct, readable and clear, have uniformity, and be attractive.
-The CV should always be updated with the latest data.
-Phony information should never be included.

At the end of the session “CV Clinic”, students were able to understand why they did not get a response to the various job applications they made, learned the proper structure of a CV and how to put the various parts that compose it in the right way (work experience, education, skills etc.), how to target it to suit each job position and be addressed to the needs of each employer, and generally how to make their CV stand out from the crowd.