CRANET Cyprus Conference

CRANET Cyprus Conference | 30 June 2022
Nicosia, Anastasios Leventis Hall, Amphitheater B108, at 10:00 a.m.

Mapping the HR Landscape

The aim of the Cranet Cyprus conference is to enable academics, professionals and students to share insights, new scholarship and debates related to different areas of HR. Individuals, organizations and societies navigate through what now seems like a constant state of uncertainty and change. It therefore becomes imperative to review, understand and explore the role and contribution of HR in the organizations and societies of the future.

The general theme of the Cranet Cyprus conference is ‘Mapping the HR landscape.’ The conference aims to provide a space where HR as a discipline, but also in all the complexity of its different areas and sub-themes, is discussed and debated; a space where HR scholars at different stages of their research and careers will interact to advance and disseminate scholarship in HR.