Career Fair - University of Cyprus

12 April 2016

The Cyprus Human Resource Management Association, responding to the call of the Career Office of the University of Cyprus, participated on the 12/04/2016 at the 2016 Career Fair of the University and particularly in the “CV Clinic” session.

During the “CV Clinic”, members of the CyHRMA, Mr Marios Charalambous and Mrs Irene Papadopoulou, provided the students with useful and personalized advice on how to shape their CV and their cover letter in order to make it more attractive to the recruiters which will eventually help them to increase their chances for employment.

During the individual meetings, the students had the opportunity to discuss with the members of our Association and clarify their questions regarding the way their CV should be presented, the preferred language they should use to write their CV, as well as the length of their CV.