Λογισμικό ΔΑΔ/ HR Software 2014 – Exelsys


Name of Software: Exelsys Human Capital Management
Interviewer: Andria Antoniadou
Interviewee: Mr. Kyriacos Fiakkas – CEO of Exelsys Ltd

1. What areas in Human Resources Management does this HR software cover?
Exelsys Human Capital Management (HCM) helps you effectively manage your human capital, the most important asset in your organisation.Exelsys HCM provides the core system, enterprises need to manage the full hire-to-retire process for both full-time and part-time employees in an increasingly global environment. With Exelsys, you can align and re-align your organization, employees, and the supporting HR processes in real-time to support the company’s strategic objectives. Exelsys covers areas of HR Management including Employee Information Management, Organisational Structures and Positions Management, Absence Management, Training Management, Appraisals, Recruitment, Disciplinary Management, Performance Management and Succession Planning.

2. What are the main advantages of this HR Software?
Exelsys provides innovative HR cloud-based software solutions that revolutionise the way organisations work – streamlining key processes, such as holiday approvals, expenses, recruitment, appraisals etc. With self-service access – available anywhere, anytime from any smart device – this secure system will dramatically reduce the administrative burden. It is very user friendly and much easier to implement than other similar systems. It covers all areas of HR Management and integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps.

3. What type/size of company is suited to use for this HR software?
There is no limit to the size of organization that can use Exelsys but is targeted for organisations employing from 50 to 5000 employees.

4. What kind of reports and/or statistical data can be drawn?
Exelsys provides a large number of reports at various levels. There are standard reports, reports that can be defined by the user. In addition users can use widgets that provide high level metrics and stats on absences, appraisals, and training and employee demographics. Using the embedded Analytics users can easily produce their own analysis.

5. To what extent can this system be customised to the company’s needs?
Exelsys is highly configurable allowing companies to adapt the system to work in accordance with their specific requirements. You can add new fields and you can remove existing fields that are not needed in your organization.

6. What kind of training is provided to the users of the system?
Training is provided by certified Exelsys consultants who also help clients to implement the system. In addition to the standard training, administrators are trained to manage the system and Exelsys also provides online help and online training webinars.

7. Is technical support provided in case of problems or questions?
There are different levels of support provided. Technical support is available online and also on-site in cases where this is deemed to be necessary.

8. Does this software provide services for Companies with offices abroad as well as in Cyprus?
Exelsys HCM is an international system used in more than 10 countries. Many of our clients like Eurofast, Hyperion, Printec, M&S Balkans and Unija have operations in different countries.

9. What are the limitations of this software?
Exelsys is does not have a payroll module but it has the capability to integrate with any payroll system. Because payroll is very specific to the legislation of each country, we consciously kept away from payroll to allow us to reach different countries. To overcome this we built a Payroll Connector that allows us to connect with any payroll system.

10. What proactive security steps is the HRIS software taking?
Exelsys is based on Windows Azure, a secure, rock solid and very reliable platform from Microsoft. In addition all communication within Exelsys is done through a very secure system using encrypted connections and complex authentication. Exelsys has received the Trusted Cloud Certification from TRUSTe, a worldwide authority on the matter.