Open Lecture: Professional Appearance


Increasing your impact and influence in an interview setting is key to defining a successful career path. On February 11th 2015, Mrs Chris Mathas, Managing Partner of Let’s Talk! Human Potential Ltd. provided insights to students of the University of Nicosia on exactly how they can do that. Within the context of the presentation titled “Professional Appearance”, which was organized by the CyHRMA in collaboration with the Student Affairs Department of UNic, Chris gave practical tips and examples of the dos and don’ts of interviewing and the importance of leveraging and selling your strengths in a value adding way to potential employers.

Participants had the opportunity to tap into Chris’ extensive expertise as a recruiter and performance and career coach, during the extensive question and answer session that followed the presentation. The feedback received from participants was proof that this initiative was of high value for the students, enabling the CyHRMA to effectively demonstrate its contribution to the improvement of the competitiveness of young professionals in Cyprus.