Effective Presentation Skills

19 March 2014

On March 19th 2014 the CyHRMA in collaboration with the University of Cyprus organized a lecture for the University students titled “Effective Presentations”. The lecture speaker was Mr. Pambos Stylianou, Trainer – HR Consultant.

The lecture purpose was to give participants useful tips about Planning, Organising and Implementing effective presentations that have the maximum positive impact on the audience. The presentation focused on and analysed the main ingredients of a successful presentation, which according to the presenter are Enthusiasm, correct Planning and Practice. Specifically, the participants were taken through every step of the various stages of a successful presentation, starting from the planning stage of the content, the preparation of the relevant visual aids, organizing the venue, paying attention to the audience and finally the techniques the presenter needs to follow during the presentation.

More than 120 students attentively followed the lecture and they had the opportunity at the end to resolve their queries in a Q & A session.

Effective Presentation Skills – Material/ Presentation