Archontidou Miranda


HR Manager – Playtech

Key Responsibilities:
– Plans, coordinates and implements the activities/trainings of the Association except for the Annual Conference where he/she has a supporting role.
– Promotes the events / trainings of the Association.
– Performs project management tasks for key events/projects of the Association assigned by the President.


Miranda Archontidou is a Human Resource professional with nearly 20 years of HR experience managing a full spectrum of human resources programs, services and functions. She has an extensive background in HR generalist affairs in various industries, both with Cypriot and International companies. Working from managerial roles standpoint, she has gained good knowledge of the operational, functional and relational aspects of each company she worked with. She is currently the Human Resources Manager for Playtech. She holds a BA in Human Resources Management from the University of Sunderland and an MBA Degree from the University of Cardiff. Miranda was awarded as a Fellow member and has been a member of the Association for the past 15 years. She was involved with the Publication and Conference Committee and has served as a Member of the Board of Directors