Webcast: “COVID-19: The new era in HR”

30 June 2020

On Tuesday, June 30th, 2020, an online seminar (webcast) was held in collaboration with the Department of Public and Business Administration of the University of Cyprus with Professor Eleni Stavrou Costea, on “Survey Results – COVID-19: The new era in HR”.

The seminar presented the results of the research conducted by the Association in collaboration with Dr. Hilla Peretz. The research was about the “New Era” that we have experienced in the last three months due to the pandemic and that we are still experiencing, the challenges that HR Professionals have to overcome and how we see the future that may need to be redesigned.

Ms. Maria Georgiou addressed a greeting on behalf of the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association and welcomed Mrs. Stavrou Costea, who presented the results starting with the effects of the pandemic in society in general and subsequently in Cyprus and in the Human Resources Sector.

Then, the demographic data of the survey were presented, which were the results of the answers of the 77 participants.

Participants were asked to answer questions about the challenges presented to their organizations, the prevention measures followed by the respective companies, as well as their experience in remote work.

Then, Mrs. Stavrou Costea mentioned the top issues that should concern the professionals of Human Resources during the pandemic, but also the HR-related opportunities created by Covid-19. She also referred to the recognition of the human element in corporate sustainability.

In closing, she referred that “The post-pandemic world order needs one familiar function to tie-up with the social sustainability. This function should be the Human Resources.”

This was followed by a constructive discussion with Ms. Georgiou and Mrs. Stavrou Costea, where participants’ questions were answered.

More information regarding the survey results are presented here.