Professional Behaviour and Appearance

8 October 2014

On October the 8th 2014 the CyHRMA in collaboration with the Cyprus University of Technology organized a presentation on “Professional Behaviour and Appearance” at the premises of the CUT in Limassol, in order to provide help and support to all students and the unemployed youth.

The presentation was held by Mrs. Maria Antoniadou, member of the CyHRMA, who gave advice on how candidates can effectively prepare for an interview, both in terms of professional appearance and behaviours that should be displayed to future employers.

In the first part of the presentation, Mrs. Antoniadou pointed out the importance of the proper preparation before the interview; what each candidate should bear in mind regarding the appropriate personal appearance and behavior in order to develop their skills in interviewing. Some suggestions were related to the preparation of questions/answers, professional appearance, handshake etc.

In the second part, Mrs. Antoniadou gave examples relating to the professional success. Some of these examples had to do with the professional appearance, and the professional relationships with the subordinate/superior/colleagues.

The presentation was conducted in a friendly and pleasant environment. The participants/students shared their thoughts, questions and even their experiences throughout the presentation, thus had the opportunity to learn by examples.

Presentation – Material