Presentation Skills

18 November 2015

On 18th of November 2015, the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association (CyHRMA) in collaboration with the University of Cyprus organized a lecture for the University students titled “Presentation Skills”. The lecture speaker was Dr Cathrin Lazarou-Kitteni, Lecturer, School of Business, European University Cyprus.

The objective of the lecture was to give participants information on planning, organizing and implementing effective presentations that have the maximum positive impact on the audience. The lecturer gave useful tips on how to transform from an inexperienced speaker to a skilled presenter and particularly: how to develop and organize the presentation content, how to communicate effectively, how to present ideas with conviction, how to handle notes (especially if the presenter is under stress), how to project the voice, how to engage the audience, how to use visual aids, and how to handle difficult questions from the audience.

The lecturer mentioned the significant importance of the preparation and rehearsal prior to a presentation for maximising the effects of a good presentation.
The presentation closed with the lecturer making a reference on how someone can present himself/herself during an interview and how to cleverly respond to the questions made by the HR Manager.

Many students attended the lecture and had the opportunity to resolve their queries during the presentation.