Career Fair - European University of Cyprus

06 April 2016

Cyprus Human Resource Management Association, -through its representatives- participated with great pleasure in the “17th Annual Internship & Career Day Exhibition” of the European University of Cyprus on the 6th of April, 2016.

The whole happening was dedicated to young people who expressed their interest and desire to receive advice for their preparation in entering the labour market. Our trainers, members of the CyHRMA (Andreas Matsangos, Irene Papadopoulou and Maria Christofi), offered voluntary services to students and gave them the opportunity for personal -on individual basis- consultation so as to learn how to prepare an attractive CV or to improve their existing one.

The main tips given by the Trainers for the creation of an attractive and competitive CV that will enable someone to get the “ticket” to an interview are:
*Be cautious with the wording. It does not only matter what we write but also how we write it. Do not forget to be precise. Grammatical and spelling errors are not excused because we have plenty of time to edit and make our CV as much as perfect as we can.
*Be honest and do not exaggerate on your achievements, activities and positive traits. Make a list in bullet points and utilize nouns of action (i.e preparation, management, assisting). The most important thing is to be yourself. Keep your CV simple by using short sentences, just to the point, with clear meaning.
*Make adjustments and modifications to your CV taking into consideration the position and the organization you are applying for. Do some research about the Organisation’s operations and not only.
*Look your CV from the employer’s perspective. Place yourself in his/her “shoes” and bear in mind what he/she seeks from a candidate to fill in the position and include it in your CV.
*Devote time in reading books that are considered to be reliable sources of knowledge and attend seminars on how to prepare a CV. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from Careers’ professionals.

After the successful completion of the session, students gained insights, useful and valuable ideas for the structure (regarding the sequence of each section), the design/format and the content that a CV must have in order to be outweighed and differentiated from the crowd.