Career and Entrepreneurship Fair - University of Cyprus

10 April 2014

The Careers Office of the Academic Affairs and Student Welfare in collaboration with the Youth Board of Cyprus and the MBA Programme of the University of Cyprus organized the 2014 Career and Entrepreneurship Fair. The event took place on the 9th & 10th of April 2014 in Panepistimioupoli.

The two main goals of the event were to present the career perspectives and opportunities and to show the importance of entrepreneurship as a conscious choice for a way out of crisis. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to be informed on vacant job positions, placement opportunities, training programs, youth programs, and participation in European programs.

Moreover, the students had the opportunity to improve their CV at the “CV Clinic” initiative. Members of our Association participated in the activity by giving advice and providing guidelines to young people on the requirements of the modern labour market.

The members of the Association that actively participated in the event were (in alphabetical order): Andreas Matsangos, Demetra Markoula, Demetris Vassilakkas, John Papachristos and Marios Christoforou.

In total 48 businesses and organizations participated in the Career Fair.