On Wednesday June 4th, the 23rd Annual General Meeting of our Association was organized at the Journalists’ House in Nicosia. Apart from the procedural issues, of particular interest was the Annual Report of the Board presented by the President of the Association, Mr. George Pantelides. Mr. Pantelides referred to the primary goals set by the Board as being:

  • Enhancing communication with members,
  • Targeted initiatives,
  • Results-oriented actions,
  • Strengthening of cooperation with relevant institutions and
  • Contribution to the management of different challenges.

In this context, during the period June 2013 – June 2014, the Council organized a series of events such as nine lectures open to the public, two breakfast workshops, networking events and participation in international conferences and career fairs. These events were targeted to assist members in various practical ways, presenting proven systems and processes to meet the challenges of the current difficult economic period and were organized in different cities of Cyprus, satisfying in this way the Council’s commitment to be close to members in all the districts.

Talking about the said period’s achievements, the President mentioned, among other things, the creation of the new website of the Association, the technological upgrade of the systems, the new member database and the partnerships with the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA) and the University of Cyprus. In the case of HRDA, the President emphasized the Council’s ongoing position, commitment and actions for the ex-officio representation of a member of the Board of the Association to the Board of HRDA. In regards to the University of Cyprus, the attendees were informed of the ongoing project to introduce HR professional qualifications in collaboration with Professor Dr. Eleni Stavrou Kostea of the Department of Business and Public Administration.

After the financial reporting from the Treasurer Mr. Kyriakos Andreou, Mrs. Elena Stavrinou presented the program of the Annual HR Conference of the Association.

Participants had the opportunity to exchange views on the objectives and activities of the Association with the Board members and amongst them, both during the event and also during the small reception that followed.

Click here to access the Minutes of the 2014 CyHRMA Annual Meeting