Tips for Job Seekers


Tips for Job Seekers

Best practices from Human Resource professional for Job seekers to become successful in finding new employment in Cyprus.

Recruitment and Social Media

by Maria Christofi -   The literature about hiring employees through the social means of Networking and Communication, makes it’s first appearance the last few years and constitutes the new trend that employers and Human Resources professionals usually embrace. The interest of employers that activate the recruiting procedure draws away from the traditional methods of employment and moves to more modern and easier ways that are imposed by several means of Social Media, like the already known and  familiar to us: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and so on. I would like to r  

How to Strategize on Job Interviews Worth Attending

by Dennis Kiruai Everyone's usually encouraged to attend as many job interviews as possible. But if there's one thing that experience has taught us, it's that not all job interviews are worth attending. In fact, there are job interviews that are bound for disappointment despite our best efforts to stay upbeat and optimistic. Because while some arrogant interviewers subliminally mock us for our seeming incompetence, others will find us overqualified, over-demanding or even too egotistic to be controlled. This in effect means that you'll end up wasting lots of precious time, energy and optimism as you continue t