Tips for Job Seekers


Tips for Job Seekers

Best practices from Human Resource professional for Job seekers to become successful in finding new employment in Cyprus.

Recruitment and Social Media

by Maria Christofi -  

The literature about hiring employees through the social means of Networking and Communication, makes it’s first appearance the last few years and constitutes the new trend that employers and Human Resources professionals usually embrace.

The interest of employers that activate the recruiting procedure draws away from the traditional methods of employment and moves to more modern and easier ways that are imposed by several means of Social Media, like the already known and  familiar to us: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and so on.

I would like to recommend the following to employee candidates in order to achieve, within the techniques of presenting (advertising) themselves, and creating a good reputation and good image with the sole target/goal being their selection for an interview meeting with a possible employer.

a) Remember that the photograph we intent to upload in our profile should be modest and not “revealing” and provocative, because we could potentially give the wrong impression. The first impression is of great importance and can determine the opinion/judgment the employer forms of us. For instance, a picture that shows us lying on the sofa might be misinterpreted by the employer as evidence of laziness. And just like that they can reject us without giving us the opportunity to prove the opposite.

b) Our emotional situation may obviously influence the way that an employer is thinking. If for example, someone declares in his/her profile that they are divorced, it may possibly be rejected by the employer. This is because usually and unfortunately this shows that we carry our personal problems and issues that contribute negatively to our work, decreasing our productivity and making us inefficient, a thing that is not pleasant and not likeable to any employer.

c) We must not let ourselves to misbehave and express anger in any case, even if we feel disturbed by something. Perhaps it’s the result of an impulse of anger but it is not something that can be erased and it may well prevent the employer from choosing the employee candidate for an interview.

d) Do not upload in your webpage personal data that have to do with your private life. That is classified as top secret and must be dealt with full confidentiality.

e) Always have in mind that the existence of Social Μedia contributes to the employer to proceed with research for the type of person the candidate is during the interview selection process.

Below you can find some advises to the employers so as to minimize as much as they can the possibility to recruit the wrong person, and make the right choice:

a) Never substitute wholly the traditional methods of hiring staff with Social Media because those cannot divulge the interpersonal abilities, the leadership in character and the team spirit. At the same time, use the curriculum vitae and the cover letter and arrange a conversation with the employee candidate before you come up with a conclusion.

b) It is always necessary to be organized. That is to say, to always have a plan and strategy to accomplish the goals you have set. In progress, you will need to evaluate your efficiency.

c) Apply/implement enough time to make connections with candidates-users of Social Media. This way, the employment effort finds conducive ground and has a lot of chances to be successful.

d) Make your research more specific and look for Social Media – such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – relevant to the sector you operate in, your geographical position, etc. to attract more qualified candidates and contact them.  Further, investigate how your competitors use the Social Media and play this “game” too.

e) Bear in mind that active candidates that “surf” in Social Media webpages searching for a job will approach you through the uploaded job advertisements. The only thing you have to do is to exploit this move and build relationships with them. Be sure that when they will decide to change “direction” and career, they will approach you.

f) Learn and respect the way Social Μedia work. They do not all operate in the same way. Each social network is addressed to a different audience/target group with various principles, even though they have some common ground.

Indeed, obtaining information and personal data through the Social Media is an innovative practice used by the employers and Human Resource Officers during the recruitment process of a person. This information is valuable and is taken into consideration at the formulation of the dedication, commitment and management strategy of the Human Resources. Remember that Social Media are a very valuable tool for recruiting, as long as they are used correctly.

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