Written by 
Brad Gann

Director Ericson Core
Mark Wahlberg, Greg Kinnear, Elizabeth Banks

Category    Talent Management,Teams& Coaching      


Buena Vista Pictures



Language English
104 min

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In ‘70s Philadelphia, Vince Papale, a young bartender with financial difficulties trying to make ends meet who loved American football dreamt of playing for his favourite team, the Philadelphia Eagles. An Eagles fan himself, with passion and talent (he played football with his friends at their free time) he went to the team’s open trials in 1976 to “audition” and was the only person chosen by the coach, Dick Vermeil.

One of the Eagles player (who led the team to glory in 1960) was his role model.

Disappointed in his personal life (his wife left him suddenly after 5 years of marriage) and with no money, he realized this was his big break. With hard work and faith he managed to face the odds (competition from the existing team members, negativity from one of his best friends, etc) and made it through to each round of trials to the professional team.

The night before the final cut to the team everyone (including himself) thought he wouldn’t make it. Even the coach almost did not pick him but with a little faith and the coach’s belief that Papale had heart and was a player who could build a team around him, Vince Papale was finally chosen into the final 40 team members.

His first season appearance was disappointing but it kept him grounded. The press was negative against him and the coach but he did not give up. In the following game he achieved a touchdown and became an overnight hero.

The film is based on real facts. Vince Papale played with the Eagles for 3 seasons and coach Vermeil (whose career almost didn’t make it at the time when he chose Papale in the team) led the Eagles to the Super Bowl in ‘80-’81.

Meaning: In times of doubt if you really believe in your talent and work hard you can achieve your objectives.

Contributed by: Olympia Fantis