Dead Poets Society


Dead Poets Society

Written by 
Tom Schulman

Director Peter Weir
Robin Williams

Category    Motivation& Recognition      


Buena Vista Pictures Distribution



Language English
128 min

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“Dead Poets Society” is one of those movies that really inspired me. It tells the story about an English teacher who through his teaching of poetry he manages to motivate and inspire his students.

In the beginning his students are surprised by the unorthodox teaching methods of their English teacher Mr Keating. As the school year progresses, through Keating’s leadership, the students are encouraged to live life in their own terms. The students take risks, find their passion- for example Neil realizes his love for acting and takes part in a local production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which brings him against his father’s will which wants him in the Ivy League and ultimately medical school.

Keating manages to inspire his students to attempt and accomplish different things that they truly like in their life and not just dream about them.

The lessons learned from this movie are that as managers or colleagues we have the opportunity every single day to help people reach their full potential. We can encourage people to believe in themselves, and live with passion. Help people look at life from more than one perspective.

Also another important message that we get from this movie is that we should take risks in life, and act as if we have nothing to lose. We  must get out of our comfort zones and understand that we are more capable than we think we are. It’s okay to take risks and fail, because that is the only way you learn and can move on to accomplish something.

We must change the way we look at things and think in more innovative ways. Keating encourages independent thinking.

Keating also motivates his students to seize the day and explains to them that it’s okay to dream and talk but people must also act in order to accomplish what they want! So talking and thinking doesn’t take us anywhere if there is no action. So as managers we must let people try, act, and of course make mistakes. We must encourage people to become action-oriented and seize the day or else nothing will change!

The lessons of leadership and inspiration are so interesting after watching this movie like Dead Poets Society. As a Human Resource Manager, it’s your role to inspire people who work with you. Help people understand that they must do what makes them happy, dream big, take action, stand up for what they believe!


Contributed by: Elena Christou Zeniou & Yota Tsiokri