12 Angry Men


12 Angry Men

Written by 
Reginald Rose

Director Sidney Lumet
Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb, Martin Balsam

Category    Communication,Diversity,Leadership,Management,Team Building      


United Artists



Language English
96 min

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The “12 Angry Men” movie starts with the end of a trial in New York.A boy is accused for the death of his father and 11 Jurors have decided that he is guilty. However, only one of the twelve jurors questions his guilt. The kid’s life is in the hands of 12 men as a guilty verdict will be accompanied by a mandatory death sentence.

The film focuses on the jury's difficulty in reaching a unanimous verdict. However, Juror 8 (Henry Fonda), who is the only "not guilty" vote, investigates in depth all the available evidence, identifies the weaknesses of the arguments, the gaps in the story, and other possibilities that prove that the boy was perhaps not guilty. After presenting his findings all jurors finally voted for the boy “not guilty”.

HR Lessons Learned:
To disagree with eleven people that most of them are aggressive requires a lot of courage. Leaders have to deal with aggressive bosses who push them to take decisions to suit their needs. But a leader’s job is to do the right thing and not what others want. The movie identifies the value of diversity. Each juror gave his own different perspective on the matter which proved to be very important in the case. Imagine if the jury thought alike! A wrong verdict might be taken. Fonda’s (Juror 8) leadership style displays the capacity of emotional intelligence which is a way to share a common vision and invite people to discover the best way to a problem/case. The movie shows that emotions are the vital reason to insist on your decision. Furthermore, this movie guides individuals in leadership or management. There are so many line managers who are not able to lead the team because they might not have the skills or the knowledge.Someone appointed them as managers but nobody showed them by training and example how to act and to react with people. The context of the movie can also be related to team building and various phases the team goes through before they start working in cohesion. Employees normally work in teams and in case the Company’s vision or the mission is not clear then people don’t know how to proceed, what is their target and how can help the Company grow.


Contributed by: Maria Pavlou