People Management Secrets


People Management Secrets 
Author Rus Slater
Title People Management Secrets
Category Goal Setting,Management,Motivation& Recognition,Performance Management,Training& Development
0007346786 / 978-0007346783  
Publisher William Collins
Country UK
Published 27-May-2010
No of Pages 128

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People Management Secrets aims at improving skills at managing people by suggesting 50 secrets, with practical case studies, grouped into seven theme chapters as follows:

Build on a strong foundation, involves a description as to how one acts as a manager by setting a tone to be copied, loved, hated, criticized, praised or ignored. It provides a guide as to whether one has the characteristics of a manager or a leader, be able to balance decision making, delegate work and create the right working environment.

Create a great team, mainly concentrates on the secret of creating synergies, guides the reader how to choose the right person for the job, guides on how to work within time constraints and identify teams, even virtual teams that can be even more difficult to handle.

Set goals and targets allow monitoring of the progress and rewards accordingly by making proper planning and defining meaningful goals. SMART is described step by step, that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound goals.

Motivate yourself and your people, as different people are motivated by different things, thus making the job of the manager more challenging and interesting. This is described through theories, financial and nonfinancial motives, by ensuring that colleagues follow the same believes, by empowering employees and showing them support.

Manage good performance, describes how one can identify first good performance, by suggesting ways to help people learn from good performance, and give some tips as to how to maintain this performance even in periods of crisis.

Manage poor performance, is important as well in order to encourage people who are underperforming. It suggests ways on how to confront poorly performed tasks and not team members, how to coach and monitor a poor performer to improve and finally how to analyze one’s own performance.

Develop your people, by personal commitment to development, creating a team development plan, work out objectives and strategies, develop people on a tight budget, help people leave their comfort zones, set stretching objectives to improve performance and confidence, giving at the same time the opportunity to himself and the working environment to develop, in order to promote personal and team image.

In general it is a small, useful, easy-to-follow guide taking into consideration the basic management techniques in simple, practical steps for business and personal success.

Contributed by: Dora Siekkeri