Lean In


Lean In 
Author Sheryl Sandberg
Title Lean In
Subtitle Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
Category Equality,Women
0753541637 / 9780753541630  
Publisher W H Allen
Country UK
Published 30-Dec-2013
No of Pages 256

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Sheryl Sandberg, former Director of online sales and operations teams at Google, former Chief of staff of the Ministry of Finance of the United States and currently head of operational functions of Facebook, in her first writing attempt, envisions a society of absolute equality between men and women at all levels, at home and at work in a world that is still dominated by men.

The author substantiates with statistics arising from various sociological researches (numbers and percentages) and finds that women hold a small share in the governance of their countries and also in the business world. The facts are that women not only are under-represented in various areas, they are also not paid the same as men. She continues and observes that women are compliant in relation to men and not wishing to conquer leadership positions because they fear failure, condemnation and that they will not be liked if those things happen. Women are presented as not ambitious, don't take risks, do not undertake great responsibilities and do not wish to face challenges because of the various stereotypes that are imposed on them during their childhood and continue throughout their lives.

Sandberg recommends that men should appreciate and support women with everything they decide to grapple with. She believes there is a great need for institutions and individuals to encourage and promote women and their actions. Furthermore, she suggests that there should be an equal division of work at home with men participating the same as women in household activities. Similarly, women should undertake more responsibilities in the workplace, like men do.

The author recommends that women should sit at the negotiating table with men and with confidence to express their opinion and to do what they can in full completion.

This modern feminist (Sandberg) calls and challenges women to break down barriers, to come forward (lean in) with strength and determination to reclaim what they deserve and to reach the top levels of hierarchy, competing against sex discrimination and chauvinism.

It is a topical and brilliant piece of work, based on actual experiences and facts plucked from the author's life. It is no coincidence at all that Sheryl, the author is classified by Fortune magazine in its list of the 50 most powerful women in business by the Time 100 most influential persons in the world!

Contributed by: Maria Christofi