Industrial Relations Officers’ Handbook Series


Industrial Relations Officers’ Handbook Series 
Title Industrial Relations Officers’ Handbook Series
Category Ceasing Employment,Equality,Health,Safety& Security,Law Issues
Publisher Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB)
Country Cyprus
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The Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB) recently published a series of seven handbooks as part of the “Sound Industrial Relations, Contemporary Enterprises” project which is co-funded by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Social Fund of the European Union. The handbooks (which are available in Greek) are addressed to business people, industrial relations and HR practitioners and they explain in a simplified manner national labour legislation and practice, labour dispute resolution, the promotion and implementation of equality in the workplace as well as good general practices. In specific, the guides cover the following areas:
•    Termination of Employment
•    Basic Labour Law
•    Health and Safety at the Workplace
•    Social Insurance
•    Equality in Employment and the prevention of Sexual Harassment
•    Labour Dispute Resolution, the Industrial Relations Code, Essential Services and Mediation
•    Labour Policies and Good Practices

Nearly every aspect of labour law pertaining to employment is covered in the series, including: termination of employment (including redundancies), part-time and fixed-term work, all sorts of leaves (maternity, annual, parental and force majeure leave), health and safety, working hours and minimum wage. The series also include an employment contract template, policy samples (i.e. sick leave policy) as well as disciplinary code, employee handbook and sexual harassment policy samples.

Labour law is a highly specialised legal field and although it is expected that HR practitioners are familiar with its basic provisions, mastering it is a daunting task. The guides aim to inform and assist professionals in complying with the law, help them implement some tried and tested good practices and also to dispel myths and misconceptions.

The series are available as a box set and are provided free of charge. A limited number of boxsets are available from OEB’s headquarters in Nicosia, or you can obtain them online at

Contributed by: Theodoros Giovanni