Dragons' Den: Start Your Own Business


Dragons' Den: Start Your Own Business 
Author Rus Slater
Title Dragons' Den: Start Your Own Business
Subtitle From Idea to Income
0007364288 / 9780007364282  
Publisher Collins
Country UK
Published 05-Aug-2010
No of Pages 240

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Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few years, you should be familiar with Dragon‟s Den, the British hit television show where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their ideas in front of the Dragons, a panel of self-made multimillionaires (including Cypriot-born Theo Paphitis) willing to offer their cash and expertise in exchange for a share of the entrepreneur‟s company.

This book is not a guide to starting your own business. It is an outline of the basic aspects of entrepreneurship that one should be familiar with from the onset. Entrepreneurship is not just about coming up with a good idea; it is about developing and executing it properly. Often this means dealing with mundane yet crucial subjects such as incorporation, distribution and taxation. If you have very recently had a moment of epiphany and considered starting your own business, then this book is suitable for you. It highlights what to expect should you choose to pursue your entrepreneurial dream further and introduces concepts such as "marketing‟ and "business planning‟ to the uninitiated on the backdrop of various business cases from the actual show. In this regard, this book might help put your early entrepreneurial thoughts in order by showing you the big picture. The book is easy to read and does not diverge from its topic but this is as far as the book‟s advantages go.

If you have given any real thought to your business idea you will find the book too simplistic and lacking any depth or real insights. The book discusses everything an entrepreneur should consider, yet analyses nothing to considerable extent. At its core, this is a very simple business book that often states the obvious and capitalises on Dragon‟s Den fame (the writer's name is not even on the book's cover). Even though I am one of Dragon's Den biggest fans, I felt that this book was too-obvious an attempt to exploit the show than an "organic‟ part of the franchise offering real and meaningful insights from the Dragons or the show's contestants.

Summary: If you have just embarked on your entrepreneurial journey and have not read much on the subject already, then this book is a good start. For any other purpose there are better alternatives.

Contributed by: Theodoros Giovanni