Delegation of work


Delegation of work 
Author Kate Keenan
Title Delegation of work
Subtitle Ανάθεση Εργασιών (translator: Iordanis Vlachopoulos)
Category Management
960-239-392-0 / 978-960-239-392-5  
Publisher Malliaris Paideia
Country Greece
No of Pages 63

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In periods of economic crisis, every organization should focus on reorganization and try to take advantage of its own resources, setting targets based on how the market works for immediate and more effective results. In this way, opportunities will be given to people working within the organization to invest in their development, through reward and motivation.

Two out of twelve small, but useful books of the Management series of Kate Keen are the following: Self guidance and Delegation of work.

The book Delegation of work describes in practical steps how a manager can run an organization better by assigning work to other employees, the type of work assigned, and the means by which the employees are selected to complete the particular task. At the same time advice is given for the appropriate delegation of work and the implementation follow up.

The book Self Guidance advises employers and employees on the effective administration and self control, taking advantage of the opportunities given, adjusting at the same time to personal preferences and options available. It is important for someone to be efficient and effective, having things under control and undertaking self evaluation and controlling his behavior towards his colleagues and clients. However, the target is for an employee to feel satisfied with his actions, as a result of his options chosen. Finally, a Check List for self guidance will help individuals apply their abilities.

Contributed by: Dora Siekkeri