Business Ethics in Practice


Business Ethics in Practice 
Author Simon J. Robinson
Title Business Ethics in Practice
Category Ethics,Organizational Culture
1843982722 / 978-1843982722  
Publisher Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
Country UK
Published 01-Feb-2012
No of Pages 320

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When I was reading this book I recall what Marianna Fotaki, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Business Ethics at the Manchester Business School said in an interview to Cyprus Weekly that “we need to understand that businesses are part of society and not an outgrowth over and above society, and we need to instill this in our leaders. Values are important issues that make life meaningful and our businesses cannot be dishonest with the values of the community and society”.

The publication under review is a textbook about business ethics for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as for business people of all sorts especially those in the HR field and related professions. It is very clear now that the present economic crisis with its devastating and still unfolding impact on a huge number of people is rightly seen as a failure of corporate culture and governance or more accurately a failure of moral values of certain business leaders.

The cover of this book shows a polar bear on the edge of an ice-floe, focusing on the next step that will provide a pathway to survival. It reminds the reader that humanity is on the edge, trying to work out how it will sustain its depleted environment, discovering pathways together. In the present time the world economy including Cyprus is on the edge of collapse that will affect the lives of people. The search for pathways is not just about economic survival BUT about discovering the values and ethics in business which will sustain meaning and purpose in an uncertain environment.

The book provides:
- Key tools for understanding and practicing ethics in business,
- Critical reflection on practice and values in key areas of the business ethical environment including but not limited to leadership qualities, organisation culture, human resource management, relationships to the different professions in business, the consumers and the wider social and physical environments,
- Ways and means to the reader to practise ethics in the context of his/her business or in education and training.

And a word for the authors. Simon J. Robinson is Professor of Applied and Professional Ethics at Leeds Metropolitan University who has written and researched extensively in Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility with several publications in his portfolio. Paul Dowson is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Applied Global Ethics at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Contributed by: Costas Papakyriacou