Body Language in the Workplace


Body Language in the Workplace 
Author Allan Pease and Barbara Pease
Title Body Language in the Workplace
Subtitle Η γλώσσα του Σώματος στην εργασία και την καριέρα (translator: Thomas Mastakouris)
Category Communication
9606765628 / 978-960-6765-62-9  
Publisher Esotron
Country Greece
No of Pages 185

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Success is not only related to knowledge. The use of other means for non-verbal communication, like body language, plays a decisive role in understanding the intentions of people and influencing attitudes.

This new compact version of the book in the Greek language is a practical guide and a necessity for every professional in order to enhance their strategy towards a successful outcome.

The new modernized way of living and communicating has forced people to use various means of communication that are now available to transfer messages and influence in order to derive to their desired outcome. Appropriate manipulation of resources, and prior preparation on how to react with certain behaviors against the competition provides people with the advantage of being a step ahead and win the game.

How and where you sit, how you communicate with people face to face and over the phone, how your hands behave, how you present your thoughts are some of the suggestions the authors give for an effective and successful professional meeting.

Contributed by: Dora Siekkeri