Panayiotis Thrasyvoulou
Associate Partner 
Ernst & Young Cyprus
Key Responsibilities:                    
  • - Coordinates the work of the Association ensuring that the strategy and the action plan of the Association are successfully implemented.
  • - Represents the Association in formal events and organizations in and outside Cyprus.             
  • - Chairs and coordinates Board Meetings and General Meetings.
  • - Signs the Meeting Minutes of the Board of Directors along with the Secretary.
  • - Handles all negotiations with strategic partners of the Association in collaboration with the relevant member of the Board of Directors.  
  • - Manages all aspects of human resource management of the Association.            
  • - Coordinates the strategic projects of the Association.            

Panayiotis Thrasyvoulou was born in Nicosia. He obtained his BSc in Business Management with Merit from Essex University, UK, and then moved on to acquire an MSc in International Employment Relations & Human Resources Management with Distinction from the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE). At LSE he received the “Foundation of Automation and Human Development School Prize for the Best Overall Performance". He is currently a PhD candidate in Management at the University of Cyprus, working on an international project regarding work and organisational design.

Working Experience
Panayiotis started his career as a Human Resources Officer and later as a Human Resources & Quality Manager at Cybarco Ltd and Lanitis Group ( , ) for 5 years. He spent the following 5 years at Tseriotis Group of Companies ( , where he led the Departments of Human Resources and Quality Management. His main responsibilities included performance management, training and development on customer service, quality, sales and management development, process management, change management and organizational development. For 3 years he was operating his own HR Consulting firm, Onwork. Since 2018 he leads EY's  People Advisory Services (PAS). 

Panayiotis was the President/Master of Ceremonies of the last four official HR Conferences of the Association and has been a presenter and a keynote speaker to various other forums and academic institutions. He is a certified Quality Manager, a certified trainer by the Human Resources Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA) and an assessor of renowned psychometric tests.

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