The History of the IFTDO - Short Video
The “International Federation of Training and Development Organizations” (IFTDO) was founded in 1972 to identify, develop and transfer knowledge, skills and technology in order to enhance professional growth, performance and productivity.

The IFTDO currently represents more than 500,000 professionals in over 30 countries. IFTDO's vision is to be a unique and effective resource to the Human Resource Development profession working for the betterment of life. The IFTDO has as its fundamental mission, to promote the concept of Human Resource Development as an effective tool across all sectors of society.

Each year, the IFTDO recognizes the projects and research that have made a real difference in the areas of training and development, through the Global HRD Awards.

Additionally, IFTDO organizes conferences that move from country to country each year, as well as regional conferences on a smaller scale.

The official Newsletter of the IFTDO is titled “IFTDO News” featuring the latest global news in the field.

Visit the IFTDO website for more information.