The Internship


The Internship

Written by 
Vince Vaughn

Director Shawn Levy
Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rose Byrne

Category    Ceasing Employment,Diversity,Teams& Coaching      


20th Century Fox



Language English
119 min

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The timeless value of experience in an all-embracing tech world

In the comedy ―The Internship (released in 2013), the leading actors (Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) are two experienced, skilled salesmen of luxury watches. They are two people equipped with fully-fledged communication and honed interpersonal skills, which stay focused on developing personal contacts and proper relations with their customers without particularly relying on the modern, and sometimes impersonal, communication media.

Unfortunately, due to the recession, they lose their jobs after their employer goes out of business at a time when the employment prospects for sales professionals are limited. With only basic updated tech skills and approaching their fifties, their professional prospects seem bleak.

Despite that, they dare to apply for an internship with Google! By using their skills and promoting themselves in an unorthodox way at the interview they manage to be selected for the internship along with other young graduates from the best universities in the country.

In the course of the internship they are teamed with four other idiosyncratic individuals, who are tech-savvies, and they must compete with the other teams in various tasks. Although they are faced with great difficulties in the beginning, by having faith in themselves and in their capabilities they start adjusting with their new surroundings and they manage to contribute substantially to the success of the team in the various tasks they are assigned. During the internship they will also realize that the experience they have earned and the skills they acquired in sales are equally important for the success of a team. The climax of their efforts will come with the final, and perhaps most crucial task, in which each team will compete in getting potential clients and advertisement deals through Google.

This particular test will bring out the greatness of teamwork which is nothing else than the value added by the diversity of the distinct capabilities of its members and by the way each member complements the weaknesses of each other always to the benefit of a common purpose. The weakness of the tech whizzes in interpersonal relations and their failure at promoting the benefits that Google may bring to a traditional pizzeria is fully compensated by the capabilities of our two experienced friends who, were initially deemed by many as failures.

Lessons learnt:

  • - Dare to explore new opportunities and take on new challenges which may initially seem impossible;
  • - Always believe in ourselves, particularly in the capabilities and the skills we have developed in our careers as professionals. In certain fields and occupations these qualities may prove more useful than we may think;
  • - Keep updated, especially where technology is concerned, in order to stay on top;
  • - Seek guidance from younger persons who may have less experience than ourselves but may have a set of skills unknown to us;
  • - Trust the value of teamwork which gives us the power to attain the impossible;
  • - Ignore negative comments and biases by always thinking positively and remaining focused on our goals.

Contributed by: Zacharias Ioannou