The Talent Masters


The Talent Masters 
Author Bill Conaty, Ram Charan
Title The Talent Masters
Subtitle Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers
Category Leadership,Talent Management
0307460266 / 978-0307460264  
Publisher Crown Business
Country USA
Published 09-Nov-2010
No of Pages 336

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In "The Talent Masters" Conaty and Charan examine:
Rule-breaking HR practices at General Electric, the long being gold standard in developing world-class leaders. For the first time, Conaty, the former Senior Vice president for Human Resources at GE, and Charan, one of India's top human resources experts and advisers to many firms worldwide, reveal how GE carries out an instantaneous, same-day-succession when a key leader leaves. An event, that all too often causes chaos elsewhere, as recently seen at Hewlett Packard and the Tribune Company. In addition, the writers examine how the leaders of GE react when recognizably talented people stumble. A situation typically resolved elsewhere with a "You're Fired!" reaction. Conaty and Charan also detail how GE integrates an outsider into its hard-nosed, driven and close-knit culture.
How Procter & Gamble, for decades, has been the forerunner for developing global leaders by expanding both their capability and capacity to embrace emerging market and consumer insights.
Why Hindust and Unilever CEOs and other top managers travel more than five times per month to remote villages to spend hours coaching recent recruits.
How, in a world ever more sophisticated, Agilent turns talented technologists into General Managers, versed in both the technical complexity of their specialties as well as a having deep understanding of how the business makes money.
How Goodyear, a tired rust-belt company, LGE Electronics, an inwardly focused Korean firm, UniCredit, the Italian bank transforming itself into a pan-European institution, and private equity firms once viewed as "Barbarians at the Gate," rapidly reinvented themselves using the seven talent master principles of Conaty and Charan.

You'll never view human resources departments - at least the ones of successful companies - the way you did before if you read "The Talent Masters" and absorb the ideas of Conaty and Charan.

Contributed by: Kyriacos Andreou