The Solutions Focus


The Solutions Focus 
Author Paul Z. Jackson, Mark McKergow
Title The Solutions Focus
Subtitle Making Coaching & Change SIMPLE, 2nd Edition
Category Teams& Coaching
1904838065 / 978-1904838067  
Publisher Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Country UK
Published 14-Dec-2006
No of Pages 286

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This book is a must-read for any coach – whether a professional executive coach or merely a line manager coaching his/her team. It includes simple easy ideas which can help transform any interaction between people into a more meaningful experience.

The SIMPLE in the title stands for the six key principles of the Solutions Focus:
Solutions not Problems. Don’t start from the problem – look first at what the end result should be then find ways to get there from where things stand today.
In between – the action is in the interaction. Wherever people are involved, the most important element of the process is the interaction between them. Seek clues there!
Make use of what’s there. Don’t try to bring change from outside but start with the foundation you already have and build on it.
Possibilities – past, present and future. There are important ideas and clues in the past, the present and what one can foresee of the future. Look to them to seek building blocks for the future, not to blame and seek problems.
Language – simply said. The simpler the language the easier the communication. Use the simplest possible language that is relevant to the particular company/team. People relate to you better if you speak ‘their language’.
Every case is different. Never assume that what works in one or even a thousand situations will work here too. Look at each case as if it is brand new, just like a new recruit who will see things differently. It is a different way of perceiving the world we live in but as we continue to grow at a continuously faster rate into a knowledge and service based society, finding solutions quickly and effectively is going to be the key to survival. Maybe its time we stopped taking a few steps back every now and then to look to the past to solve problems by finding whom to blame but instead keep moving forward, finding solutions and keeping our forward momentum.

Contributed by: Eugenia Papadopoulos-Ioannou