The Coaching Manual


The Coaching Manual 
Author Julie Starr
Title The Coaching Manual
Subtitle the Definitive Guide to the Process, Principles and Skills of Personal Coaching
Category Teams& Coaching
027374058X / 978-0273740582  
Publisher FT Press
Country USA
Published 28-Jan-2011
No of Pages 328

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Many may wonder, why read this book?

Maybe you want to learn about coaching or begin coaching others. Perhaps you are already coaching and are ready to develop your skills and knowledge further. Maybe you work in the field of learning and development and are interested in what coaching has to offer. Or perhaps you are considering engaging a coach for yourself or for your company and want to know what you are getting into. Whatever the reason, this book provides you with a practical, enjoyable way to learn while you read. Managers will find relevant information and guidance whereas from the clients’ point of view, it offers an insight into coaching practices that will support someone as a coachee.

The Coaching Manual explains the principles and approaches of personal coaching and shows you how to apply them in any coaching situation; from business coaching for performance, to more holistic life coaching. For those already in the coaching profession, it offers new insights and fresh ideas. For the new ones into the game, the manual is a practical guide to begin with. For the busy manager it provides techniques to use with their team.

The book covers the principles and beliefs that underpin coaching, describes the actual process step by step and gives fresh perspectives on the skills coaches need to develop. There is also the structure of a typical coaching conversation, to help one navigate from the first “hello” through to the “farewell” stage. It also offers a practical guidance on what works and what may simply get in the way of great coaching. In addition, the tips it offers can be added in a new practitioner’s toolkit and help them gain even more confidence to get started.

The author, Julie Starr, is a coach and consultant with a well-established coaching practice who actively works to encourage the growth of coaching within businesses. Her methods, models and approaches are used to develop great coaching practice around the world. Julie is convinced that when we support the development of each other, we are helping to create so much more, and there lies the true possibility of coaching.

Contributed by: Yota Tsiokri