Leadership Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari


Leadership Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 
Author Sharma Robin
Title Leadership Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Subtitle The 8 Rituals of the Best Leaders
Category Communication,Goal Setting,Leadership,Motivation& Recognition,Teams& Coaching
0007348401 / 978-0007348404  
Publisher HarperCollins
Country UK
Published 05-Aug-2010
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The book is the sequel of the worldwidebestseller of Robin Sharma, “The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari”. The story begins with Peter Franklin who experienced the loss of his job from a prominent position in Digitech Software Strategies. His dreamy life took the down-turn and he finds himself incompetent to handle this unfortunate situation. For quite a long time he remained in stagnation until an old friend of his shared with him a brilliant and pioneering idea to found their own firm, GlobalView Software. As the Managing Director of the organization with exceptional performance, he was not qualified and was lacking knowledge and skills on managing his people. Although sales were in high levels, the company was in chaotic situation.Peter’s incapability to lead his subordinates lead to employees’ lack ofmotivation and commitment. The constant technological developments increased stress and fear for the unknown. Low productivity,less creativity, no interest andno satisfaction, used to describe the working environment. However, when seeing his old friend Julian Mandal (“The Monk who sold his Ferrari”) after many years, Peter’s life changed radically and his organization underwent a significant transformation.

Julian Mandal abandoned the turbulent rhythms of his life in West and travelled to the East (India) to find answers to all-times inquiries that preoccupied him.At Himalaya, he met Yogi Raman, the Wisdom Leader of Sivana who taught him the ancient strategies/principles of their ancestors being inherited through centuries and last an eternity. These were the 8 Rituals of Visionary Leaders. Now it was Julian’s turn to teach his friend these practices:
1) The Ritual of Compelling Future Focus: Motivate your employees by presenting them an attractive and important vision that will “trigger” their enthusiasm. Convince them that your vision is for their best interest.
2) The Ritual of Human Relations: Develop deep bonds with your people. Invest in your relationship with them.Keep your promises, listen carefully, show understanding regularly, and tell the truth. Put yourself in their “shoes” and see and feel what they see and feel.
3) The Ritual of Team Unity: Coach, guide and empower your staff. Let them carry their duties independently. Satisfy their “thirst” for recognition and growth and show appreciation to their efforts. Praise their progress and provide positive feedback.
4) The Ritual of Adaptability and Change Management:Teach your employees to welcome and be open to a new challenge that change will bring. Explain to them that there is a necessity to easily adjust and be adaptable to unexpected situations of business and personal life with flexibility and readiness.
5) The Ritual of Personal Effectiveness: Frequently devote time on strategic thinking, systematic preparation and planning, development and be dedicated to building relationships. Optimize your time to turn the mistakes of the past into success.
6) The Ritual of Self-Leadership: Revitalize your body and actuate your spirit. A busy schedule needs to be balanced with some quality time for leisure, relaxation and tranquility. Save time for meditation and introspection. For an outstanding performance you need vitality, energy and urge that arises by physical exercise and healthy nutrition.
7) The Ritual of Creativity and Innovation: Encourage employees to be bold and take risks. Reward their curiosity of learning and recognize that new ideas are the “seeds” of success. Create a friendly atmosphere in the workplace and “exploit” them for a good reason.
8) The Ritual of Contribution and Significance: Be the one that others expect to be leaded from. The true meaning of life is to have a goal and live for it. The ultimate and most resilient gift you could ever inherit to your followers is your work. Make the right thing and live a fulfilled life.

Great truths to follow for leadership in business and life!


Contributed by: Maria Christofi